true love.

i know after posting this people will think i’m crazy. and disgusting. and will be totally freaked out.

because it’s about feet.

you are already grossed out right? just hearing the word feet.

well i don’t care. cause however gross it may be, it is true love to me.

my dearest, darlingest, husband whom i love in the whole world and {tries} to do all things to make me happy….




that’s right folks. some of you are gagging already. and quite honestly adam probably wasn’t the most stoked. but he saw my pouty face and the desire i had in my eyes for my toenails to shine a bright pink and he did what a loving husband could do for a wife that is too big to bend over and even try to scratch a toe.

because this is my view.


and he did a pretty good job. after coaching a little bit about how to stroke the brush onto the nail and him making fun of my lack of nail on my littlest piggy, it turned out quite beautiful!


[do my feet look swollen…? cause they probably are]

he told me i owed him. i told him i’m going to blog about it. he said that wasn’t what he had in mind as a equal exchange. i told him by showing the world how amazing he is was the best way to pay him back because then everyone can shout his praises.

he thought i was a goof cause i’m pregnant.

eh. i’ll take it.


Ashley said...

*shouting Adam's Praises* Soo cute! what a good hubby! P.S. you should not be blogging, you have a paper to write! although you probably already finished it. yuck.

Anonymous said...

praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaise! good job adam. you're pretty much a celestial-kingdom shoo-in now.

Melissa said...

haha man you have a nice hubby, mine refused to do it, so i had to bend crazy ways to paint mine lol

Amber Marie said...

good job brother adam. it is so nice to have painted nails at this stage of pregnancy!