so what’s good about being pregnant?

good question.

a girl at work asked me this question today.

{honestly} it took me longer than it probably should have to tell her the benefits.

“well you get a baby out of it!” piped up another girl right after the question was asked.

it’s true. i will be a mother.

{something i know i was born for.}

but she was looking for more than that. i mean obviously you get a baby. that’s the whole point right?

so what else?

it took me a little while…. but i got it.

yes. my back hurts. killer. and i was sick. forever. and i had stretching pains. for 8 months straight. and my belly is too big to really sleep through the night. super sleep deprived. and i have to go to the bathroom after drinking a tablespoon of water. which equals constantly. and it’s hard to really breathe. so don’t mind if i pass out one day after walking 10 feet.

 but i know there are benefits.

when you feel the baby kick, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. and you are the only one that can feel it. {and you know it’s your baby and only yours.}

and I did that.

when you hear the baby’s heartbeat, you can’t help but smile so big to know your baby is alive and strong.

and I did that.

when you see that baby’s ultrasound pictures and watch him moving around inside you, you just can’t wait to run around with him and squish him in your arms.

and I did that.

when your husband cuddles up with you and holds you when you break down and cry because it’s so hard, it is one of the most sacred and cherished moments in our relationship. it’s one of those moments that you will not always have. but you get to experience that all encompassing love you both share when you are pregnant.

because we know we both did that. and it has brought us closer together than i could have ever imagined.

i am a sacred vessel. and i know all those discomforts are soon going to be sooooooo worth the greatest gift of all.

my baby.

6 more weeks!


angieinpink said...

meeting your miracle for the first time is like nothin' else on this earth. and when you see your man hold your babe for the first'll fall in love with him all over again, too. be prepared for some seriously tender moments. it's kind of the best. ever.

leean robinson said...

I'm so glad that Adam is so involved in this pregancy (as much as a man can be). And you are correct in realizing how much this little human being that you both created bonds you together as husband and wife like no other event in your marriage can. Hang in there. The grand event is almost here!