adam and the baby

adam loves our baby.

he told me so the other day.

“I just LOVE our baby,” he said.

when adam wakes me up in the morning, he will first rub my belly and see if the baby is kicking.

one night the baby kicked me really hard in the side and i let out a yelp of pain. adam asked me what happened and i just kind of gritted my teeth and said, “oh…. the baby is just… moving.”

he then leaned over to me and rubbed my stomach and said, “oh, he’s okay. he’s just stretching and doesn’t know what he’s doing. he’s trying to get big.”

{what a good dad.}

the other day, i was grumpy (not a surprise) and adam was trying to rub my stomach and squish me. i told him to go away.

“he’s my baby too!!” adam said to me.

he gets really defensive when i hog my belly.

he’s so excited. i’m so excited.

we’re gonna be a mommy and daddy!!!


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