salt covered vase centerpieces

so if you haven’t heard of Pinterest you are missing out cause it’s AWESOME!
i have found so many great ideas on there that i can’t wait to try
[and if you do have Pinterest, you should follow me]

this week, i was asked to help decorate for a Relief Society dinner and we needed beautiful/classy/cheap/easy centerpiece ideas

enter Pinterest.


this very creative lady spray painted wine bottles and rolled them in epsom salt
so cool right???

well me and my friend absolutely loved the idea
and decided to incorporate it into our centerpieces

here’s our version.

vase close up 2

because we were on a $20 budget, we changed a few things from the original and came up with a simple, cheap, beautiful centerpiece.

here’s how we did ours:

instead of spray paint/primer we use white acrylic paint and painted these vases we got for 50 cents at the thrift store.

photo (17) photo (16) 

**i’ll be honest. the acrylic paint was a lot cheaper than the spray paint but it took A LOT of time because the paint took forever to dry. and it needed 2 coats of paint. but if you  have the time and you are on a tight budget i think it’s worth it.

after we painted the second coat (or Jessica painted the second coat) we then painted a layer of Modge Podge on the vase and poured kosher salt over top to stick. (sorry i didn’t get a picture of that process)


we decided to cover the whole base in the salt to give it that add that extra texture to the look. again since we were trying to be cheap we used the kosher salt we had on hand instead of getting epsom salt but i still think it looked great.

then we added our little flower arrangement
[which we were really proud of]
and finished it off with a pretty gold ribbon
and viola

simply pretty centerpiece

vase close up 2 

here is a picture showing you a better closeup of the texture on the vase

vase details 

as you can see the salt did kind of shed so i don’t know if that would be different with the epsom salt or not. maybe if we set them on chargers or something that wouldn’t be as noticeable.

vase close up

i especially love that we had different styles and sizes of vases for each table. i thought it was a great overall look.

table setting
(full effect with the table setting)

so there you go.
that’s my crafty moment that i have every once and a while.
what do you guys think??

it was really fun to do and i can’t wait for the next activity to try something different!

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Jessa said...

This was so fun! I loved it :)

Whitney said...

Those are really pretty! I think I'll have to try that =)

Whitney Jean said...

About how much salt would you say you used? I've got 40 bottles to do and am wondering if a 20 lb bag of epsom salt would be enough.... thank you!