7 is the luckiest

today i turn 23 years old!

holy crap.

this may sound completely morbid
but growing up i never thought i’d live to see the day that i would be:
in my 20’s
graduated college
and have a baby

but i can honestly say that i am extremely happy i have made it this far

i thought it would be fun to tell you my own lucky little birth story
cause i’m rather fond of it


i was born on July 7, 1988

growing up i loved telling people my birthday was 7-7-88

then i found out i was a planned C-section (because of this story) which meant my mom picked the day instead of it being my destiny to be born on such a lucky date

but she assured me that her water did break the same day as they were prepping her for surgery so i went back to loving it again

i was 7 pounds 7 ounces
i was born in the 7th hour of the day
i am the 7th grandchild [on my mother’s side]
and i’m the 7th great-grandchild [on my mother’s side]

as you can tell
7 is pretty much my lucky number


my Grandma Baker said she told the doctor that when i was born i would weigh 7lbs 7oz.
he didn’t believe her
then when he saw that i really was 7lbs 7oz.
he said {in my own grandma’s words}
“well i’ll be damned!”

its true.
we have it on tape.
[when my grandma told me that story i couldn’t believe she would swear
but she said that that’s what the doctor said and she was just quoting so it was okay
so now i’m telling you that i am just quoting him so it’s okay :)]

the doctor was so impressed with all the 7’s in my birthday that he said,
“she’s either going to be famous or a great craps player!”


my doctor told me that story in his own words when he was stitching up my lip
[which is a story for another day]

i was pretty young at the time he told me that story and had no idea what craps was
he told me it was a type of gambling
i told him i don’t gamble so instead i’m going to be famous
which has yet to happen in my 23 years
but at least i dreamed big

my dad at the time {and currently} taught biology and was/is obsessed with gross things
he was so enthralled with the whole birthing/surgery process and wanted to video tape it
thankfully the doctor said no but he got a souvenir

that’s right!
a souvenir!
he got to take home my umbilical cord in a jar
and would show his biology classes every year
it made for embarrassing “take your daughter to work” days

[me with my Great-Grandma Baker]

so that’s just a little taste of the highlights of the day of my birth
the biggest one being that i was born of course

i always felt very lucky growing up {being  a 7-7 girl}
i had a good family, good friends and great opportunities
my parents helped me and encouraged me to develop my talents and try new things
i was loved and felt loved
and i was taught to have a close relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus

now as i look back on my life and where it has taken me today, i know i am lucky
i have a wonderful little family
a loving husband
a chubby little boy
a wonderful education
great opportunity with the Stronger Marriage Blog
a strong testimony and loving relationship with my Savior
and a promising future ahead of us

it’s crazy to think i’m really 23
and i feel like i have done so little
but looking back on that list and on my life i realize i have a pretty sweet life

i may not be famous
but some days i feel just as glamorous
{usually the days when i actually shower, get dressed, and put on make-up}


:::p.s. i had NO IDEA about the above post!! i just barely saw it. so i put this one below it so everyone could see that one first :)
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Anonymous said...

Whoa, I'm 93% sure I had my pictures done in that same exact red dress!!! I will have to look for those...I was also born in 88 so it's a good possibility!


Jenna Duty said...

cuuutee photos!!!

cman said...

What a great post! I love all the pictures too :)