my angel mothers

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” 
–Abraham Lincoln

i have been trying to figure out how to put into words my feelings about the two most amazing women in my life.

and it has proved impossible.

but i will give it my best shot.


me and mom at graduation

my own angel mother:

i cannot adequately express my appreciation towards her and all the things she has taught me. she has sacrificed so much for me and my siblings that i just get tears in my eyes thinking about it all.

as i was thinking about what i wanted to say about her on Mother’s Day, i kept reflecting over this post and how she called herself a “love child.” and that’s exactly how i feel.

my parents always tell me that i was kind of a miracle. my mom had a tumor in her uterus and had to have it removed. although it was not cancerous, the doctors told her that she needed to wait a while before she could have more kids, if she could have more kids. well my parents were too in love to follow orders i guess and soon after my mom became pregnant with me. but after i was born it became apparent that i was probably going to be their last child because of other complications.

i have thought about that a lot these last few days and what a sacrifice my mom made to bring me into the world. it couldn’t have been easy. but she has always showed me it was worth it.

that is just a small example of what my mother has sacrificed for me. not to mention time, energy, her own education, money, moving away from loved ones etc. but she has always taught me that with great sacrifice comes great blessings. even though i still have a hard time believing there is something better in store, i know i can look to my mom’s example and see that it will all be okay in the end.

and it will always be worth it.


my angel mother-in-law:

i will never be able to fully and eloquently express all the feelings i have toward my mother-in-law. (all good i swear!)

i have been thinking about how scared i was to have a mother-in-law when i first got married because of all the horrible stories you hear about in-laws. but i can stand here and tell you that i have never once felt that way toward my mother-in-law.

i have never felt more accepted and loved than by her. from the very first time i met her she has always made me feel welcome and that i was of great individual worth. it’s an amazing thing to meet someone who can make you feel of worth in all aspects of life. i hope everyone gets a chance to meet someone like that someday because it has truly changed my life.

with my parents moving to the Marshall Islands while i was pregnant with Eli, it was a really hard transition for me to not be able to pick up the phone and call my mom whenever i wanted or having a place to call home over the holidays. but i never felt lonely.

i was able to grow much closer to my in-laws and developed a deep connection with them. i was able to turn to them at the times where i felt like i really needed a mother and they were there for me. to me they are not just in-laws. i call them mom & dad just like i do my own parents. they are my family and always will be. to me its like i have my birth family and my adopted family, they are both very real and love me just as much.


happy mother’s day 
to my moms and all the other moms out there.

whether you bore children, raised them or have influenced them in any way, i celebrate you and all you do to help the rising generation.
you are all amazing women and i love you!


Laurie said...

Thank you! I love you and I know you are a great mom.

leean robinson said...

Oh my goodness. I just read this and you are so lovely to say such sweet things. And I think your mom is great also! I know you are such a good mom because you have such a wonderful mom who taught you well. But thanks for the kind words about me. You are such an easy, adorable and loveable daughter-in-law. Love you.