the little terror

Picture or Video 251

don’t let his cute chubbiness trick you into letting your guard down.

behind those big brown eyes, kissable cheeks and goofy grin is a monster waiting to lash out
pretty sure the terrible twos have come early around these parts.

screaming outbursts, biting, and being all around mischievous (while smiling that wicked grin like he knows he’s trouble) seems to be all we’re dealing with these days.

okay definitely not all we’re dealing with.

because on top of the E-monster’s recent crossover to the dark side, me and Adam still have plenty of school work work to stress about

and when i say we stress, i really mean i stress
(and yes i said school work. Adam’s in the Master’s program and i still have one more class til i’m officially done with school. and it’s proving a lot more time consuming than originally anticipated….)

did i mention he bites?
like full on, sinks-his-teeth-into-my-flesh, bites
anywhere he can get a good grip
legs, arms, shoulders, feet, chest.

yes, chest.

i’m pretty sure our neighbors are concerned when every 30 minutes i’m screaming “OW!!!!!!!!!” and then the little E-raptor starts crying.
and only stops crying if he can bite me again.

and it’s only me.
he’s perfectly nice to adam.

of course.

i’m a little scared for when he grows up to be perfectly honest.

can a one-year-old already show heightened signs of aggression?

i’m getting concerned….


:::p.s. doesn’t the E-vampire look incredibly fat and chubby in that picture?? even though that smile is all a facade, he’s still incredibly cute. the little trickster….


Amy said...

hahahaha i'm not laughing, but i'm totally laughing. sorry about the boob carnage.

e-raptor. hahaha.

Rachelle said...


We've had to start putting Cade in time out. It would be so much easier not to discipline, but, he's got to learn no sometime. We just stick him in his bed for about a minute. Its worked for us.

Tan + Es said...

Me too, totally not laughing...That's a lie. I cracked up.
I'm a really bad commenter, but I love love love reading about the E-raptor, and especially love his chubbalicious pictures.

Also, I think I've watched the "finger pointing" movie like 10 times. It cracks me up.

Lauren and Jason said...

Have you tried getting him a "chewie"? Something that he can chew on? Like a cold wet washcloth or some other something? Give him popsicles! Can't wait to see you in about 5 days!

holli h. said...

kids are little punks! Just wait till E's a big, chubby, oversized 3 year-old with a temper and you are chasing him down the Autopia track at Disneyland with all the Disneyland workers lookng at you like your child is insane. This is what happened to me with Noah in Cali. Of course, Noah isn't my child, but wow, i realized how nuts he can be!! still love my nephew though :)

Anonymous said...

At least its you hes biting. Mine bite each other. They both have bruised teeth marks all over them... including the cheeks and forehead. people are gonna think we abuse our children.


Courtney B said...

He is so SO cute!! Haha I'm sure he's teeth aren't se cute when he's biting you though ;)

Jody said...

oh two's have come early in my house hold to..jaxson doesn't bite, cause he learned the first time not to bite again..i bit him back not hard mind you but just to show him that it hurts, although he only bites when you are trying to get something out of his mouth, but his thing is he likes to throw tantrums..argh..maybe it's just a boy thing..hang in there.