many thanks

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i wanted to thank you all for your amazing support.  

i feel good about where this blog is going to take me

i am excited to share my journey with all of you.

i don’t want want to make it sound like i think people should constantly share their personal trials and feelings with the world wide web.
and that is not necessarily what i want to do with this blog.
nor do i only want to post about my trials.

but i feel that if i am more honest with the things i struggle with i will be able to help not only myself but others who may be going through the same things.

i know there are many people out there that are probably having the same thoughts and feelings i have of insecurities and self-worth. and a lot of them, like me, are afraid to voice their feelings and instead feel very inadequate around others.

a lot of it comes from comparing myself to others but the other huge part comes from losing the confidence in my own abilities and forgetting who i truly am.

the song “Let the Rain” by Sara Bareilles (which i like to call “Bring the Rain” because if you know me at all, you know that that’s my favorite phrase since Transformers came out”) has lyrics that explained just how i have been  feeling towards this issue.

And I always felt it before
That the world was filled with much more
Than the drowning soul I've learned to be
I just need the rain to remind me

so i’m gonna bring the rain, people.

and i hope along the way i can help others who may be feeling the same way i feel and we can grow together.

i know it’s not going to happen overnight. and i know for a fact i am going to have good days and bad days. and the perfectionist in me will tell me that if i am having a bad day that means i am a failure and worthless.

but i’m going to try and kick those ideas that have led me to this place where i am now.
and find the joy that i know is inside of me.


p.s. do you like how the last post was eli crying and now he’s smiling?? see that contrasts?? i thought it was clever. he’s so cute when he’s not screaming :)

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holli h. said...

BRING THE RAIN!!!! i love it. i feel good about what you are doing here, megan. and i really think it can be a true spiritual battle for people to overcome negative thoughts and self-esteem issues. i really believe that satan promotes those confidence-destroying feelings about ourselves that have no truth or validity to them whatsoever. but our happiness really depends on what is true-- that we are daughters of god and we are AWESOME. every woman needs to build that knowledge into a testimony.