Hoppy Easter!

in true Mrs. Robinson fashion, i am late in posting about another holiday.


eh, gotta stay true to myself i guess!

here’s what we did for Easter:

saturday night my little family dyed Easter eggs

elijah dying eggsEaster eggs


and we made a special one just for the E-man’s first Easter

Elijah's First Easter


and one to celebrate our True Blue-ness and big graduation

dying eggs


we woke up to a big bucket of candy that the Easter Bunny left us. Eli had to share with us since he can’t really eat the treat yet. but he sure loved the plastic eggs!

  Elijah's Easter basket


sunday was really special because we got to spend it with Adam’s side of the family. it was so nice to have them come to church with us and play with Eli in the hall and stay home with him when he needed a nap so that we could attend all of the church meetings and actually listen. this hasn’t happened in like…. 12 months! ha. his whole life.
seriously what a difference it makes!

i also had the opportunity to sing Consider the Lilies in church with two other women. i hadn’t sung in my ward before so i was super nervous! i organized the group but then i totally second guessed myself and was freaking out a little bit before we had to sing. like freaking out to the point where i was emailing my group telling them i was going to ask someone else to sing my part. i’m glad i decided to stick with it though.  it turned out really beautiful and i was happy to be a part of it. thanks Whitney, Hannah and Camille! (if you even read this…)

hope you guys had a wonderful holiday as well

Easter Sunday 2


camille creates said...

Your banner turned out awesome. I love when people take an idea and adapt it like you did by turning your banner. Pinking shears do rock!I don't own a serger so I pink the seam allowance on the clothes I make. Happy Birthday to your little one. I also like parties. Over the top is never to over the top!
Also thanks for linking my blog. It means a lot to me.
Your friend Camille

Anonymous said...

E-eye looks exactly like phoenix in that last picture! So cute megs... I miss you guys