Written By Mr. Robinson - the man.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Robinson!!!

You are so old!! 23!!

For Megan's birthday I thought I might give a few reasons why she is awesome and let everyone know why they should know her and love her! My blogging skills are subpar, so enjoy the pictures of the birthday girl!

1. Megan is so nice and creative!

Example - She made me this cake with a girl popping out of it for my birthday a few years ago...Awesome, right?

2. Dude, she's hot! Period.

3. She is a fashion God.

4. She wants to be your friend too!! 5. Megan is a sweet Mom.

6. She puts Julia Childs to shame! Megan is a cooking phenom.

7. Did i mention she's beautiful?

Well i could keep going but there are just too many pictures to look through...So there you have it.
{everyone together}



Megan said...

wow! i'm so flattered and embarrassed by these pictures. especially my posture in the "fashion god" one.... but thank you so much for such a sweet post, Mr. Robinson! best birthday present ever!! i love you

Anonymous said...

Super cute! If my hubby even knew our blog address maybe he would think about doing something so sweet for me!!

angiedunn said...

well that's basically the most tender thing i've ever read! happy birthday megan!!

holly & anthony said...

Awwww Adam is so sweet! You are one lucky girl! I love all the pictures! I think a hundred pictures couldn't show how awesome you are Meg! I hope it is a Great day!!!! :) Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

It's true. Megan you are indeed a fashion God. And you're also ridiculously hot. Ridiculously.

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a new follower - I found you on the Shabby Life blog post!

Jessa said...

Love this!

cman said...

What a beautiful post. Happy birthday!