word to the wise

do NOT take a super-active 1 year old suit shopping!

Picture or Video 225
(cause you can never get enough of the funny, cry-baby pictures right?)

we’ve been hunting for a new suit for adam for a while!
the poor, tall, lanky kid has still been sporting his worn out/torn mission suits
[which he came home from 4 years ago]
so when we got the call from mama robinson that men’s wearhouse was having a
buy one suit, get one for $100 deal
[which adam’s brother was already buying one suit for his wedding so we could get one for $100]
we were quick to jump on it

but taking a rambunctious 1-year-old…..
bad-bad-bad-bad-bad-bad-bad IDEA!!

not only were we having trouble fathoming the idea of having to make a quick $100 purchase
[though we knew it was worth it]
E-terror was going INSANE!
in all sense of the word

he was:

adam needed my help picking out a suit  {color/style/size}
and all i could do in between chasing the E-monster was say breathlessly
“i don’t know”
“that’s fine”
“i think i like the other one but i can’t tell”
“elijah’s going craaaazzzzzyyyyyy!!!!”

adam was getting frustrated cause he wanted my opinion
i was getting frustrated because i wanted to give my opinion but needed to watch eli
eli was getting frustrated cause i kept stopping him from pushing the emergency alarm….

it was horrible!!!

on multiple occasions i fought back tears of frustration
i’m pretty sure i gave every salesman/customer dirty looks
and when we finally got home i curled up on the couch and just cried.

{i know he’s just a kid}
and i probably shouldn’t have been so traumatized by it
but i was

it just makes me realize how kids literally change every aspect of our lives
and at times the simplest things become huge efforts fiascos!

i’ll be honest
{since that’s what i’m trying to do more}
sometimes it makes me really miss the earlier days!

however, 2 good stories came out of this catastrophe:

1. there were those multi-view mirrors that surround you so you can see all angles of you in the suit and eli was crawling up to look at himself in the mirrors when he
ran straight into the mirror!
he didn’t realize that it was a wall and thought it could keep walking through it
i guess it was a little “fun house” –ish and to as a little guy you might not know which way to go.
everyone in the store was laughing ridiculously hard!
[oh and a worker told us every little kid runs into the mirror. apparently it is very confusing!]

even though it came at a price…. it was still worth it!


Gentri said...

hahaha! That is hilarious! I wish I could have seen it! I'm glad you got a suit and at such a great price! So awesome!

Unknown said...

Man... I wish we could go shopping together so that I wouldn't feel like my child is the only psycho one terrorizing stores. everyone elses kid is so well behaved when we go anyplace, and mine pretty much says "get out of my face mom, I have better things to do". I'm so glad Eli does the same thing lol. doesn't it terrify you to have another kid with your first one running around like this? i am lol

holli h. said...

Hey! me and Jacob were there helping you chase him around!

GingerPeachT said...

Awww I would have done the same thing as you. Fight back the tears and cry at home like a baby. I cried yesterday after the girl at marble slab gave me the wrong ice cream and mixin!! I tried to suck it up but dang it I wanted my ice cream perfect. Lol I cried in the car and hubby took me to target to get Ben and jerry's :-)

Have a lovely day!!