Sebastian Design Giveaway Winner!

and the winner is….. 


commenter #2: Cerrisse!

she said: “I always thought about what super power I would want, and I think I would want to become invisible!”


be expecting an email soon :)

and thanks to everyone who entered!!

because Jessica is so incredibly nice and wanted to thank everyone for their support, she is offering 15% off any item in her Etsy shop to “Mrs. Robinson” readers!!

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awesome right???
pick up some of those beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings!


i also wanted to highlight some other awesome super power answers

a few people said they would love to be able to fly!
which would be awesome. that’s my husband’s super power of choice as well.

Natalie said: “I would love to have control of time. I could go back in time, skip forward (which I would love right now) (she’s pregnant :)) or freeze those perfect moments!

Kelsey said: “I wish I could fly and make things move with my mind or just be Prof. X".”
that’s exactly what I said!!

Holly said: “I think I would choose teleportation because then instead of flying you could just instantly be in the most amazing places! Then you could come back just before bed and you wouldn’t have to count flying time. Plus your hair wouldn’t get all windblown.”
I love that way of thinking!!
very very true!

Stephie said: “I would love the super power of reading people’s minds…only cause I like to figure people out and what makes them tick other than that they can keep their thoughts!”
I really like that one too
boy would that come in handy!!
{especially with me and adam}

there’s so many other good ones too!!
i had so much fun reading all your comments
if you haven’t yet, you should go back through and read some of the super powers!


my super power of choice would be:
the force!
(yes as in Star Wars/Jedis)

basically you could do anything with the force
even fly if you get good enough like Yoda

but then Adam told me that’s not a real super power
just something inside yourself you learn to control
and i needed to pick a real super hero power from comic books

so then i said:
crazy mind/telepathic powers like
the Phoenix/Jean Grey
from X-Men
but then the Phoenix is really bad
{although extremely powerful!}

so then i said:
fine! crazy mind powers like 
Dr. Xavier!

as you can tell, it was a huge discussion between me and adam
and he could not be satisfied by my answers.

but it was still fun to go through all the different possibilities!

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Cerrisse said...

I am so excited to get those earrings!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! :)