truly an E-monster

the E-man has become realllllllllly good at tantrums

did you know he’s only 1 years old?!?!

we start them early around here….

i found this video on my computer and seriously could not stop laughing
this is a perfect example of our day

E-terror doesn’t get what he wants
E-dragon totally freaks out
once the E-devil gets what he wants, he gets a huge smile on his face
mom/dad have to take it away for ______ (broken, cleaning, fragile, dangerous)
E-tyrant freaks out harder

it’s a never-ending cycle

so we laugh about it and film it for everyone to see

i know. we’re really great parents :)


Unknown said...

hahaha. love that we videotape ourselves torturing our kids lol but we know how you feel. remotes are the kicker for zak lol

Rachelle said...

I'm glad you're not the only one with an early start on the tantrums.

Rachelle said...

I meant I'm not the only one...whoops.