Good Things to Come

the other night morning, Eli woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep

so i sat with him on the couch and held him while we watched videos from the Mormon Channel

i’m so glad we did.

i saw this video
and it hit me so hard
& powerfully

i know right now life is hard
i know right now there are trials that i [and we all] are facing that seem too difficult

but i felt a strong feeling of
fill my soul



Unknown said...

One of my favorite videos. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

Dad had told me about this video but I hadn't watched it until now. Thank you for sharing, I really needed it today. I needed that reminding.

Bonnie Gutzman said...

I love the mom holding the baby in the front seat. Was that how it use to be?? At the rate we're going at now, adults will be in car seats all too soon. That's a random tangent.
I love this video.
I love reading your blog.
I hope that's okay.. :)