Awful Waffle equals AWESOME Waffle

(photo c/o Awful Waffle’s Facebook page)

last saturday we mr. robinson went running at the Smith Fieldhouse
{while me and E-fatty walked around pretend like we were meant to be there}

we had heard whisperings/shoutings of this new placed called Awful Waffle
so we decided to check it out and pretend we were meant to be there
{with the in-crowd you know}

it was divine

i loved it!

i partook in the decadent goodness of a waffle that looked something like this beauty

(Belgium waffle with strawberries, syrup and powdered sugar)

and adam partook in the glory goodness that is a crepe with Nutella


we very thoroughly enjoyed ourselves
[although mr. robinson over here kept spouting business tips that they should’ve considered]
but that aside we will definitely be back again!
[and at such great prices it makes it even more enjoyable!]

favorite part of the experience:
we came when they had just opened for the day so we kind of caught them off guard
they were SOOOOOO ridiculously nice and lovely
even when we were obviously bugging them while they were trying to open
and when we only had a $20 and they only had lots of $1 as change, the girl replied
"sorry go all stripper-style and give you a bunch of 1-dollar bills"

i seriously laughed so hard

and that is why we will definitely be back

read more about them here.


Sabina Michelle said...

So, the house that I'm living in in the Fall is attached to that place. :-)

Lyse said...

The girl who cracked the stripper joke? that was me! So glad you enjoyed your treats! Come back soon!