it’s friday night, and i feel alright

guess what we did last friday???

date night 

we went on a DATE!

can you believe it?
don’t we look so excited in this picture?
don’t you think mr. robinson is thinking, “wow i’m so excited to document this night?”
don’t you love how we can make our foreheads have lots of rolls like that?

i hope you said yes to all of the above!

one of my dear friends, Scott James John Metts, offered to watch E-rock so we could get out of the house for some much needed alone time

it was wonderful!

we saw Source Code
{kind of hated it}
ate lots of popcorn
and got ice cream from the ever so wonderful BYU Creamery on 9th

and scrounged around for cash before we left because we’re
and that fact just made us feel more awesome

since Scott is a known hater of {all bodily fluids} he brought his lovely lady friend along as designated diaper changer
but really she is more awesome than that and E-rock [and i] absolutely adored her.

yay for new friends!
and date nights!
and babies that don’t poop their diapers in front of your friends so they’ll want to babysit again!

thank you Scott and Lacey!!
we are very very grateful


Ashley said...

Good for you! Date nights are definitely needed and I don't think anyone - with or without kids - has them enough as they grow older with the relationship.

Happy Fourth!

Anonymous said...

date nights are well needed! Hope you get another soon!

michael + kylie said...

How fun! I'm glad you and Adam got to get out. If you ever need a babysitter just ask! I would love to watch Elijah!