oh haaiiiiiiii

             Picture or Video 124 Picture or Video 125

             Picture or Video 126 Picture or Video 128

oh hai!

i apologize for the lack of posts lately
my last class has turned out to be way more insane than anticipated
plus the craziness of little E-rock…. whew

but i only have two days left and my final and then
i’m done foreeevvveeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!

i have so much to share though about
how i’ve been
what i’ve been doing
what i want to do
how i’ve coped
and what i’ve learned

really. i feel like i’ve learned so much.
and i really want to share it in the hopes that others can feel better too.

and of course i have crazy stories of the E-gator too.
cause he’s absolutely nuts.

but for now i hope you enjoy these pictures because they are
pretty ♥ warming


Whitney said...

I miss you! I'm so glad you're almost officially done possibly forever =)

holli h. said...

I love E's little eye lashes! so pretty! I'm sure he gets them from you.