sir squirms-a-lot: post-edit

E-basher is a mover.

we know this.
we have discussed this already.
so “old news” i get it.

but seriously, he’s a mover.

he is constantly running around
getting into trouble
destroying things
wiggling wiggling wiggling

just today while we were at the store adam said,
“elijah, can’t you just stay still for 10 minutes?!

no. he can’t.

but when he was just a wee babe he used to LOVE being held and snuggled
in fact that was the only way he would sleep.

so imagine my surprise when Sunday night comes and he absolutely refuses to be put down in his crib

he was obviously exhausted and would easily fall asleep on my lap and in my arms
but every time i went to lay him down he screamed as if he was being tortured

[dear kind neighbors: i’m sure you want to tar and feather us. and are probably praying we move. but unfortunately we are not moving anytime soon and our kid is psycho. please be patient with us. we love you. and will bring you cookies. please don’t come over and murder us in our sleep. we would be ever grateful. love, the {only} ones with a kid ]

so i would pick him up again and try all over
and he would immediately pass out and do the all too knowing “i’m totally unconscious and have no control over my body anymore” twitch

and still, when i laid him down his eyes would shoot open and start screaming.

this went on til about… oh…… 4:30am!!!

i finally gave up and laid down with him on the couch and fell asleep with him.
which reminded me of his sweet newborn days when he would snuggle up to my chest and fall asleep in my arms, just loving his mama

then after about an hour i woke up and tried to lay him down again
he again screamed like H3CK

so i decided to have him sleep in our bed even though i thought it was a total long shot that he’d actually go to sleep (he love love loves to play on our bed)

but he did!!
and he would move over close to me and cuddle during the night.
and eventually he totally pushed me off the bed….
and i woke up so exhausted i couldn’t think properly
[i’m pretty sure it was the worst night in the last 7 months]

but at the same time i kind of loved it.

i loved that he wanted me so badly he couldn’t sleep without me
i loved that he would just relax in my arms and let me kiss him
i loved that he needed me and wanted me to love him
i loved remembering the feelings i had when he was just a tiny newborn in my arms
[though now he’s about 5 times bigger]

the next day was pretty rough
and i may have lost my patience more than i wanted to

but by the time we went to bed, i started really missing that little E-rascal of mine and wished he was in my arms again cuddling with me all night

funny how babies do that to us huh??
be crazy one minute and have us wrapped around their little, chubby fingers the next
those little goofballs…..


post-edit: i wrote this post about a week ago. a few days later, E-rider had some crazy nights and would seriously not go to sleep. ever. i decided i might actually value my sleep more than cuddling. cause then i am happy during the day. and not exhausted. and i’m more likely to want to play with him more. but he’s still cute. i’m just really tired….


holli h. said...

I wanna come over and play with E-basher!!

leean robinson said...

Just got caught up with the last several posts. You are an awesome mom to that little 'mover'. But he has the cutest smile that melts our hearts. Thanks for being patient, because you really are patient to survive these baby years.

Unknown said...

oh my goodness.... i know how you feel about your neighbors hating you. you can literally hear zak all the way down the hallway from our place. and he's not even crying, he's just yelling to talk to himself.

and i agree, sometimes it is so cute when they want to cuddle with you. until it's late.... and then it's not as cute anymore. eli is so cute. i wish we were still around so he could teach zak to walk!! it's driving me crazy!!