single mothers, I applaud you

Photo Apr 10, 8 32 09 PM

[look at that kid stuff his face! he’s so chubbbbbbby…]

adam has been sick in bed all day.
and it was my very last day of class today {forever} maybe
thankfully, adam doped up on dayquil and i was able to go to my class

but when i came home, adam crawled back into bed and i was left alone to with the little monster

and monster he was
[when do kids start talking instead of screaming?!? i feel like it will never happen….]

every time adam is sick or out of town or even just at school alllll day,
i find myself saying  over and over
"i don’t think i could ever make it as a single mother"

how do you guys do it?
how do you stay positive?
how do you stay happy and loving all day?
is that even possible?
i feel like it’s not possible for me sometimes….

so how do you do it?

my hats are off to you
you are my heroes

to all the single mothers and other mothers who are home all day while their husbands are away
i look up to you in so many ways


Amber Marie said...

i always think the same thing. wait until adam is gone from 9-5 or 6 or 7 and then has church meetings after! not the same as a single mother but it can definitely feel like it!

Stacey said...

I guess I could be considered a single mother now. Because I have to share my time with him and have to go whole weekends and sometimes whole weeks without seeing him, I try to remember that when he's with me and being impossible. I say to myself, "Remember how much you missed him while he was gone?" It helps me appreciate my time with him. Although I remember what it was like when Dallin was in Texas for 3 months last summer. It is hard but remember that you get to spend every day with him. You will never miss special moments in his life. THat is a blessing.

Megan said...

Thank you! :) It is some hard work I tell ya. I feel like I am wearing 50 different hats at one time. You've got a good hubby on your hands. E's little bandana kills me. I love it!

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

How do I stay happy and loving all day? I don't! It's not possible. Not ALL day. But most of the day. :) Right now, I don't feel badly when I don't finish things I should have gotten done, I don't feel badly if I just have to go home after sacrament (which happens far more often than it should). I try to appreciate the small things (the beautiful sunset, the baby smiles, the clean kitchen counter). I make an effort to get outside at least once a day...that's a big one for me. At least, for me, I can remind myself daily that in *only* 10 more husband will be back! That's helpful. Before he left, I thought I would die. But now that it's been 4 months...I've realized I'm a much stronger person and mother than I thought I was. People tell me all the time "you are so strong! I could never do that." I'm really not. I'm the huddle in the corner and sob kinda girl. I'm the cry 7 times during a Disney move kinda girl. But tough times bring out strengths I never thought I had. I AM strong. And you are too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, this made me giggle a bit. As a Military wife who just went through deployment ... my only answer is "we just do" :)