fun fun think about fun you know what it is

i know everyone kind of hates this song


 but the E-rocker likes it a lot

more like he loves it



its gotten to the point where we play this song at least once a day. 
and he’s happy as a little chubby, monstrous clam

this kid loves to groove to this song.
[and i may or may not know all the words….don’t judge either of us]

so don’t tell him it’s lame
cause he thinks it’s the best thing since baby rattles

:::p.s. want to see an even funnier version???
please enjoy!


Whitney said...

Peyton loves Friday too. Seriously. He could be screaming and as soon as we put that song on (and only that song) he stops. Why??

Oh, and I may or may not know all the words too ...

angiedunn said...

hahahaha. that's hilarious. i heard this song a million times at girls camp. i agree with e-it's fun to dance to!

and lol to steven/jimmy.

Traci Butler said...

That video is too cute! And, oh man I have watched the Jimmy video seriously 7 times since you posted it and it makes me laugh out loud every time. You always find a youtube video that makes my day.

Jody said...

that is too cute, jaxson loves katy perry firework song, everytime i play it on my phone he becomes a very happy camper, and when i take it away not so much