homophones are hard

[all the grandkids]

my brother and his son were in town for my niece’s baptism the other weekend.

and just so you know, camden is pretty much one of cutest kids ever
and he has the most adorable little voice.
[all the grandkids are cute!]

too bad he struggles with homophones

scene: our apartment, dallin racing blue, purple and green cars with the little boys
dallin: oh! blue won!
camden: and the purple one and the green one….
dallin: look, the purple won!
camden: and it’s the blue one and the green one…..
other family member i can’t remember which: i don’t think he understand the difference between won and one….

me and adam are still laughing about that one.

well he’s only 2
give him a break…..

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