quarter of a century

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it’s this cool guy’s birthday today!!
[adam not eli. eli had his day.]

can you believe he’s 25?!?!?!?!

so old…..

in honor of him being 25, i’m going to do what most bloggers do when they write about people’s birthdays and give you 25 reasons why i love him so so much

{if i can think of that many}
HA! kidding. of course i can.

1. he is very patient with me and with E-rock. and believe me when i say i do not make that easy. but he is amazing and loves me all the same.

2. he is such a good little daddy. he loves his son so much! i love watching them play together and how excited little E gets when adam comes home. of course i don’t always like how much adam “rough plays” with him but the E-gator loves it ergo i love it.

3. very musically talented. that was on my checklist of “qualities my future husband needs to have” and he excels at it.

4. hard worker. i am notoriously lazy so i am grateful adam is there to motivate and inspire me.

5. he’s very easy going. [which i’m pretty sure i’m not] he doesn’t get stressed too much and can easily see the good in all situations.

6. doesn’t let things affect him. he knows how to stay happy and move on. it’s impressive and is honestly a huge blessing for me since i am the opposite. [opposites attract!]

7. very understanding of my emotions {most of the time}. sometimes he doesn’t get it right… and i kind of let him know [see: patience #1]. but he is always willing to try again and listen to my concerns.

8. which brings me to: he is always willing to try harder and be better. its another inspiring quality i wish/hope to have {someday}. when something is wrong, he will try and fix it and isn’t a “igiveupidontwanttotrythisisstupid” kind of guy.

9. his family comes first. all the decisions he makes {and discusses with me} are made with the thought of “what would be best for my family.” i am grateful he is always thinking of us and how he can be the best provider/father/husband/son

10. lets me sleep in and take naps {which i do quite often} while he takes care of cowboy-E

11. constantly thinking of others. he tries to put other’s thoughts/opinions/feelings above his own. even if he doesn’t agree with said thoughts/opinions/feelings, he still wants other people to feel comfortable and loved.

12. that goes along with: has great compassion towards others. Jesus said love everyone. and adam does. he is nice to everybody and tries to help whenever possible. it is not always easy for him but he would still never turn someone down if they really needed help.

13. he always gives me very good advice and is very supportive. i can {always} turn to him when i need help.

14. his smile makes my heart melt. that is the first thing i noticed about him and made me want to be with him. lovelovelovelovelove it!

15. he knows exactly what i’m thinking and feeling without ever saying a word. it’s eerie. and makes it hard to ever keep anything secret. i hate it. but i love it.

16. if i’m having a bad day, he will do whatever he can to make me feel better. even if its just getting out of the house for a little bit, he’ll make it happen.

17. hilarious. he always knows how to get me to laugh. another item off my future husband checklist.

18. so very clean. he knows how to clean and keep things clean. props to his mama!! it is indeed a blessing.

19. respects and honors the priesthood. nuff said. he rocks.

20. he talks in his sleep and it is awesome. it makes for very interesting nights. 

21. the best/most hilarious/grooviest dancer i have ever seen. have you seen him dance? you should. it will blow your mind. makes my day every day when he decides to bust out his moves.

22. frugal-frugal-frugal. {usually.} i very much appreciate it even if sometimes i don’t like it.

23. he lets me dress him when i hate his shirts that say “player” and “Bruce Lee is my Homeboy.” this sounds like a negative but it’s not since he kindly accepts my opinion and then lets me pick out his clothes. i appreciate that he doesn’t resist :)

24. which also leads me to… he actually does have good style [minus said shirts above] and is a great shopping buddy. though he can only last an hour or so, my best outfits are ones that he’s picked out. he has a talent for these things. i am impressed by it and welcome it with open arms.

25. he just loves me!! and i love him. he makes me feel so important/worthy/beautiful/awesome/incredible/on-top-of-the-world
i know i can accomplish anything with him by my side. i honestly couldn’t ask for anyone better for me than him.


i actually have a ton more that i could say about him.
{once i got going, it was hard to stop!}
but to sum up:

i love you adam benjamin robinson

and i’m so glad to be celebrating your 25th year of life with you today!


:::was this long? it was long. sorrrrrryyyyyy


holli h. said...

happy birthday future brother-in-law!! Adam definitely has class.

Amber Marie said...

happy birthday adam dear. i'm glad you have such a sweet wife to make your day that much more special. he IS a great father and it's been fun to see him with Elijah. mom will LOVE that one quality you love about him is his musical abilities! :)

leean robinson said...

Thank you, my dear Megan for loving our son so much. I know he had a great birthday because you are by his side. We love you both and our very cute e-man.