little fishie

photo (7)

i took the E-fish swimming for the first time the other day.

he LOVED it!!

he kept trying to wiggle out of my arms and swim on his own

little did he know that if i let go of him he’d die
sooooooooo i kept him tight in my grasp


Dear Gigi,
i can’t wait for our swim lessons this summer
it will be the best thing to happen to me since i discovered fruit snacks and string cheese
can we have fruit snacks afterwards?
love, your Elijahphoto (6)


Amy said...

literally laughing out loud about the "little did he know if i let go he'd DIE." so funny. (not him dying. but i can just hear you saying that.)

leean robinson said...

I hope he will be as happy with me as he is in this picture after we do go swimming.

Megan said...

You look amazing!!! (not in a creepy way) E looks so fantastic in his swim suit. Yummy!