oh papa

to our wonderful fathers:



dad patterson has always been a great example to me of love and support. he’s always there to lift us up and is quick to help others. he’s honestly the best example of service i have ever met. without hesitating he will give his money, time and love to whoever needs it most. i hope someday i could be as attuned to the needs of others as he is. i’m so grateful to him for teaching me how to love others and treat everyone as our brothers and sisters. i owe a lot to him and my mom and for that i am eternally thankful!


papa robinson is pretty much the most amazing man i have ever met. from the first time i met him when me and adam were still dating, i instantly felt loved and accepted by him. he’s always treated me as if i were his real daughter not just an in-law. i’m especially grateful for his great example to adam and for raising such an awesome son. i see many honorable qualities in adam that i know he got from his dad. and i know the reason adam is who he is today is because of such wonderful parents!


happy father’s day dad-dad-daddios!!!

we love you

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