this is why husbands were given wives

 Adam always gets annoyed when I make him plan things ahead of time. He says he doesn’t like his life all planned out. [I know I’m a horrible wife]

So. Adam had this great plan to invite the cousins over and eat junk food and watch scary movies for Halloween. He asked them on Sunday during our little family dinner and they all seemed to like the idea and told him to just call them during the week for more details.

Easy enough.

So the rest of the week came..and went... and I kept asking Adam to make some plans and figure out the movie, what he wanted to feed them and to let them know what time. He was busy, I understood. So I just let him handle it.

Then Halloween Eve came and I asked him if he had talked to his cousins at all. He said no but they probably weren’t going to do anything so it’s not a big deal. I was skeptical and asked him to just call them. So he did. Nathan and Brandon both didn’t know if they could make it anymore cause they now had plans. Hmm...

I know I shouldn’t be upset with him. I was a little peeved when I realized his little plans wasn’t going well. But I know he tried and I know he had a lot going on during the week.

I just like to smile to myself secretly and {not quite} say I told you so.

I think he doesn’t mind me making plans anymore...

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