This is obviously worn out picture of Mr. Adam Robinson is due of:

a. staying up late with his wife playing games

b. being woken up 3+ times in the night because his wife couldn’t sleep/her stomach hurt

c. had to wake up early to work for 6 hours this morning

d. all of the above

The correct answer is D.

Adam takes really good care of me. He sacrifices sleep for me pretty much every night. He stays up with me when I don’t feel good and scratches my back until he thinks I am asleep [and I’m not, but he falls asleep doing it]

He also make really good grilled cheese and tomato soup. Which has been the only thing I really like to eat since I’ve been pregnant. It’s my staple. And I don’t make it right. I always overcook or undercook the bread. I just haven’t learned the art. But Adam has. There are {many things} Adam likes to brag about that he’s good at. But grilled cheese bragging I will allow cause it’s actually true.

So today after Adam fell asleep, I really wanted grilled cheese. I was hungry and I turned to my staple. But I couldn’t wake him [cause that would be dumb just for food…] and totally rude. So I did it myself. It didn’t turn out too bad! I was really proud of myself! DSC03739 DSC03740

Though… one side of the sandwich was pretty burned…. and I don’t think I have the swish of milk in the tomato soup down like he does it. But the point is, I can do it on my own. Even if Adam is way better, I don’t have to be {completely} and {utterly} hopeless.

At least not all the time.

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Amber Marie said...

congrads on making some great grilled cheese :)

oh and on the headaches? start drinking TONS of water. It should help if not get rid of them- hopefully.

yah for a baby bump, fun!!