the sweetest noise

is a baby’s heartbeat. i want to hear it all day.

the doctor found the heartbeat right away. [she said it was a girl cause she didn’t have to search for it. but she also said she’s always wrong, so we’ll see] i loved looking at adam’s face when she told us that what we were hearing was the heartbeat. he had a huge smile on his face and then he winked at me. i love him so much.

the next day i got sick {again}. i always get sick, even when i think i’m getting better. but at least i know that my baby is okay, even if i feel horrible. it definitely makes everything soooooo worth it!

adam has to put up with me a lot. i feel really bad for him. he has to hear me complain and question my purpose. but he always reminds me of that sweet noise we heard and the tiny toes, fingers, and cheeks that we’ll be kissing soon.

can i just have the baby now??? this is the cruelest wait…

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Anonymous said...

aww there's a real baby in your tummy!'re probably not allowed to hang out with me for a while. i don't want to be responsible for you giving birth to anything resembling swine.