I'm a little freaked out

For a little while I kept thinking I felt the baby move. I would feel little flutters but wasn't ever quite sure if it was the baby or not. I would make Adam touch my stomach to feel and he would tell me that he couldn't tell either. He thought it was just gas bubbles or something. {nice}.

But this weekend I felt it very distinctly. I was sitting on the couch and started feeling something weird but I didn't know if it again was bubbles or something. But then as I started to feel around my stomach I felt a very obvious "kick" to my hand. {I screamed!} and ran over to Adam to tell him.

It was so weird!!! I kept explaining to Adam over and over how the feeling was the weirdest ever and I was kind of freaked out that something was pushing against my skin from the inside.

And then all day today I could feel the same kicks over and over. Adam finally felt it too.


Isn't that weird??? I think it is. But {incredibly exciting}.

I can't believe it. I just hope the frequency of the kicks doesn't reflect how crazy/not crazy the kid will be. Cause if it does... I'm pretty sure this kid is already crazy.

Or it could've just been excited with us as BYU beat Utah!


Amber Marie said...

yeah for beating utah! it is fun to feel the baby kick. i've thought the same thing about how active the baby is- whether it is an indication of their personality once they come out....i've been feeling mine move for a long time now and it never really stops! so...family gatherings may get really interesting in the next year :) wait till he gets big enough to really give you a great karate chop, then it gets painful!

The Smith Family said...

Fun times! It IS a weird thing to feel the kicks, like you have an alien inside you taking over your body!:) Even weirder when you can sit and watch your belly just move independent of everything else. Neat that Adam could feel it though--my Adam couldn't for a LONG time this time (maybe I could just feel them earlier w/ baby #3? I think I was 16 or 17 wks.) and it would make me sad that he couldn't feel all the little kicks! Glad to hear you're getting to the "fun" stage of pregnancy!:)