i think i'm hilarious

the other day i told Adam:

"I want to get a little kitten and name it Frisky."

he looked and kind of nodded.

"Then, when it gets out we can run around the neighborhood yelling 'GET FRISKY!!"

and this when i started laughing ridiulously hard. i started crying it was laughing so hard. for about 3 minutes full on laughing.

Adam just kind of looked at me and in his face told me it wasn't that funny. and then in his own words said, "that wasn't really funny. you are crazy."

so tell me. is it just me? or was that hilarious? i mean i think i am a HOOT but Adam just said i was weird.

please validate me.


chad and lemae said...

i think it is funny, and when you are pregnant everything is ten times as funnier than they normally are. ONe time I was playing Risk with some family and Chad said something that wasn't even funny but for some reason I thought it was really funny and I laughed for like 15 minutes. No joke.

Ashley said...

I think that is flipping Hillarious! hahahha I love it!

Sarah Jane said...

i think it would be funny if you bought a cat, let it loose, and started yelling "go get frisky" just to prove your point.

Heather said...

I actually thought it was really funny!!!!! :)

Lauren and Jason said...

So I told Jason this story here and I started laughing telling it. I told him the story basically the same way you tell it. I started to laugh really hard too. (So obviously we are totally sisters because I laughed too.) Anyway, Jason didn't think it was so funny. Then I told him the rest of your story about Adam's reaction and he started cracking up! He said that Adam's reaction was even funnier. I don't know. Maybe our boys just don't get our humor. I love you!