the little tyke

he already kicks me always. I almost can’t remember when I don’t feel him during the day.

It’s exciting, reassuring, and gets annoying all at the same time. Mainly because it comes at bad times.

When I’m just sitting on the couch not doing anything, I welcome his small greetings to me. But in the middle of taking a final, it makes me distracted when I feel his flips and turns. {Cause yes, it is not just little punches here and there anymore.} It is full blown “I can feel you move from side to side in my stomach” moves. It really freaked me out when I first starting feeling him slide across my stomach. But I guess I’m used to it now. Uh… maybe.

But then he does it when I’m trying to sleep. Which isn’t much of a bother but again, a distraction. I focus on feeling where he is going to go next than how much I need to sleep.

And then other times he just kicks constantly. Over and over and over without stopping. And this is what I have to say to him:

“You can’t come out yet! We don’t want a monkey for a baby. So please keep growing and be cute and chubby and then we’ll let you out. You can wait can’t you?”

Well we can’t wait. But that doesn’t mean we’re willing to take a alien baby over a chubby one. So we’ll wait as patiently as possible while he grows big. I just hope he doesn’t break a rib…

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milbert said...

You know you could be feeling him have the hiccups. My baby moves so much, and at this point when my baby is a full sized baby inside of me, yeah I can't sleep through it. And my baby has hiccups several times a day. So sorry, but the moving thing only gets worse. But your right, every move means they're ok. Good luck, it's hard but you can do it!