$50 Urbanwall Giveaway

living in rentals can really be a huge damper on your decoration desires. 
you usually can't paint, can't hammer too many holes, and you are pretty much left with all around white, dull walls. 

but there are ways to still make your house cute & unique without permanent changes. 
{whether you are in a rental or not!}
one way is to use cute, and not to mention easy to use, vinyl designs in your wall decor.

Urbanwalls has some of the best vinyl designs i have seen to liven up any home! 
with their large, creative selection of vinyl decals you can find something that suits your style and sets your home apart from the rest. 

here are some of my favorite designs from Urbanwalls:
{that i would seriously buy in a heartbeat if i knew we were living here in a year! seriously such cute stuff!!}

12345 6

definitely look around their website for more great designs!
there is something for everyone!

you can get 20% off your purchase with code

be sure to also
catch up on their blog
become a fan on their Facebook page
follow their tweets
get inspiration from their pin boards

today Urbanwalls is being very generous and is giving away a $50 gift card to their shop!
and since most of their products are under the $50 range, you can get some great bang for your buck! :)

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Unknown said...

What a great website! I love the decal bird cages. They are so cute.

katilda said...

Oh this is fun. If I find a vinyl I REALLY like, and it's small-ish, I just paint some scrap wood and put the vinyl on it to create a wall hanging...then it can easily be moved around the house or come with me if I relocate!

Betsy said...

Love the swirl away! Especially since you can customize the color

Miranda said...

I love the seeing stars or house rules! so cute!

Alyx said...

Thanks for this giveaway!! I have the bird cages and absolutely love them. I love the flower ones, too!

karel said...

I love the polka dots.

Jessica Sebastian said...

Whoops! I was signed in as Paul for the FB entry...but I won't double dip, promise! :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE all the quotes but the princess needs her beauty sleep is very spcial for me ;)