super star 5: fun facts friday {final link-up!}

i love getting to know people and learning their funny/interesting facts about them that make them so unique. for the past month i have been dedicating Fridays to sharing our fun facts with everyone. 
it has been a lot of fun reading all the posts that have linked-up so far! 

but since life is getting kind of crazy, i kind of feeling like i'm running out of facts, and the interest seems to be waning, i think this might be the last week for the link-up. at least for now. 

so let's make this last one a party!!
i hope you all link-up and we can have a fun time with it. 

how it works:
first, i'll share 5 random facts about myself and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your own posts through the link-up below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]
then go and visit each other's blogs and get to meet some new friends! :)

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts!

an extra fun fact for you: for a couple of summers, my family would go to Nauvoo, IL to visit and see the pageant. my uncle was in the pageant and in charge of the band and he would let me fiddle with him during the pre-show. i also got to play the spoons. it was a blast even though i was terrible and afraid i would embarrass my uncle, ha :) 
1. i'm a total junk food junkie, hence the obsession with Oreos. but really anything with sugar and fatty substances. i love fruit and veggies too but give me a big, chocolatey, processed, cream-filled, sugary treat and i am a very happy girl :)

2. i get cold very easily, even when it's really hot with the fans and the A/C on. and i hate being cold! i can't function and just curl up on the couch or bed all day. 

3. i used to dream of being an artist. i would watch the painting shows on PBS and paint with my paint-by-numbers oil paints and pretend like i was painting a masterpiece. turns out i'm not that talented in the drawing/painting department. or at least it's not a honed skill. 

4. growing up i never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. it actually became a huge fight disagreement when Adam and i were starting to get more serious. i still have some complicated feelings about it but have had a few personal experiences to help me figure it all out. but all this is a post for another day. :) 

5. i was almost 100% positive Elijah was going to be a girl. i had a name picked out and frequently called him in-utero by it. i may have cried a lot little when i found out he was really a boy. i'm grateful for his total and completely lovable boy-ness now though and for what it's teaching me every day.

now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
have fun with it!

{and since this is the final week until further notice, let's make it a big party! if you can visit more than two other blogs that would be wonderful :)}

::: p.s. and the winner of the March Group Giveaway is..... ALI MILLS!! Ali i will be emailing you shortly :)


Amy Bateman said...

Oh, I absolutely love Nauvoo, even though I have never been there for the pageant. We visited for their Halloween celebration, so that was fun. But, until I went as a chaperone for youth conference last summer, I didn't realize how much we missed by visiting in the off-season. We keep saying we need to go back, we need to just plan a weekend and do it.

Isn't it funny how our mother's intuition can be wrong. I was sure my oldest was a boy and was a little disappointed when she ended up being a girl. Then with our last, I was positive that he was another girl. When they showed us the evidence that "she" was a he at the ultrasound, both my husband and I were in total shock. We were sure we'd only have the one boy.

Unknown said...

Welp!! NO WAY!!! I WON?! Awesome!!!

And I'm sure your fiddling was great! I have always wanted to play the spoons hahaha

I used to want to be an artist too! I even took classes at the MAC and my teacher was very nice but definitely knew this was not in my best interest hahaha

katilda said...

OK so I JUST said to Camille that I'm glad I keep a thick sweater at the office because "I get totally irritable when I'm cold." It's so true.

Unknown said...

5 Fun facts from Kristen at One in 1 Hundred:

1) I use to be addicted to Lifetime tv. When I was pregnant with my first child, I would watch one movie after another. Now I live my own Lifetime drama!

2)I too can't stand to be cold. I wear long sleeves in the summer if there is the slightest breeze. I wear a big heavy sweater over my clothes at work when the AC is too cold. I fear being cold and always bring layers.

3)I would LOVE another baby but I fear I am too old.

4)Everyone thought my second child was a girl (even my dr)...I knew he was another boy!

5)My first born child has a Congenital Heart Defect. He has kissed my soul and changed me for the better in ways I didn't know existed and for that I am truly blessed.

Megan said...

Hi megan! Number 5 is too funny! I kind of thought Sophie was a boy and when the technitian told us it was a girl I wasn't exactly upset... But in my fragile pregnant state it took me a second to be excited. :) poor preggos. It's hard to be rational with a human growing in your belly.

Amberly said...

I'm really late with my blogging stuff today! :P We were driving all day and then we went shooting, so my regular morning blog routine was really messed up!
Haha, I used to love watching those PBS painting shows, but I made fun of them instead ;)
I wish that I could like veggies as well as junk food. Me, I could eat junk food all day every day and be really healthy, but I have a really hard time finding a veggie that I will eat and enjoy.

Aubrey said...

as always i love your 5 facts. i had such good ones, but then my dumb brain couldn't remember a thing.

Meghan said...

Number two is totally me!