the process of Elijah bowing :)

Elijah is the funniest little kid lately, 
as you can see from his bowing and jumping pictures above. 

he likes to quote and act out movies, 
he loves balloon swords, 
he asks to wear his sweater every time we go outside even though it's like 80 degrees,
he thinks the blender is the most amazing thing, 
he likes to push & motivate me on our runs ["Go faster, Mom!!"]
he gets worried about sand in his shoes after being at the park, 
he asks lots of questions all day every day, 
when he wants something he'll say "how about ____, mom?"
he loves it when we cheer for him {and will then proceed to bow},
he's obsessed with the blue chalk that fell off our balcony, 
he likes to look through our old pictures and point out everyone he knows, 
he has developed opinions about his outfits each day and would rather wear his cowboy boots,  
he likes to get tickled on our bed {only on the bed though}, 
he looooooves the Hokey Pokey, 
and he knows too much and is way too smart for his own good. 

this boy is all that and a bag of chips. 
he tests me, refines me, and makes me better every day. 
as much as i tell Adam i go crazy being home, i know my life would not be as joyous without him.

love that funny, crazy little guy!


holli h. said...

awww... he's growing up so much! i can't believe i haven't seen him since august! i wonder if he still remembers me and jacob?

Amanda Schroeder said...

He really is so cute. Can't wait to meet him.


Unknown said...

So cute! I love watching little kids develop their personalities and their dislikes/likes.

Alexis Kaye said...

Cute boy! And uh, you go on runs? Super mom ;) I've been meaning to text you. It's super hot this week. I don't really have a day where I can go early to get culture passes either so maybe next week? :) love you!

The Pinterest Housewife said...

LOL! Cute photos. I enjoyed reading about your little guy. I've been cracking up a lot lately with my little one. She'll be 17 months in 6 days. I know. I ought to throw in, "and 5 hours, 22 minutes and 45 seconds" in there, too, huh? LOL. Anywhooo.. She's been showing more and more personality and I've been laughing A LOT.

It's so crazy how fast they grow!