things i'm loving lately

- all these cute pictures of a very happy/energetic Eli-boy on his birthday pre-death bed.
- this perfect quote.
this skirt because, really, can you have enough leopard print in your life? i say no but i'm just crazy like that.
- that we renewed Netflix, the wonderful gift that reminds us of how sad our life has become because we have nothing to do and yet we still are joyfully entertained by it all.
- these new headbands. neeeeeeeed!!
- i keep hearing how this book is amazing and i think i need to pick it up soon. heaven knows i can use the help!
- this blog is incredible. her story is inspiring and she gives me a lot of hope. definitely a new favorite!
- i'm a big fan of this blog series. it brings back all the feelings about why i wanted to start a blog. great posts!
- THIS TOP!! love love love love
- if you haven't seen this blog yet, you are sorely missing out. hyperventilating laughter will ensue.

and on a little more serious note/request. i wanted to bring to your attention a family that can really use your help. Derek Beach is a great guy, loving husband, and wonderful father to his 3-year-old son. he also is fighting stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma and is currently in the ICU on a respirator. he is battling a fungus in his lungs, the paraflu, and pneumonia. to make matters worse, his family was dropped from their insurance and they don't have any life insurance. i can't imagine what this family, especially his wife, must be going through and all the fear & pain she must be feeling.

if there is any way you are able to help them out during this time, i know they would greatly appreciate it! you can find information here on how to donate to their fun. you can also purchase a shirt in honor of Derek and the proceeds will go to pay for Derek's medical bills and to support his family.

please, any little bit, even just keeping them in your prayers, will help so much!

fundraising page
buy a t-shirt
Facebook page updates


Courtney B said...

Love the pictures!! Poor E... I'm so sad he got sick :(
And netflix is our life right now, ha ha! That's a sad thing to admit!
That poor family! Ah, I am praying for them!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I hope that quote helped you out like it did me!

Hope your baby boy keeps to feeling better too! :)