Lil Blondie's Bowtique $20 Giveaway

so it's settled. i need a girl. 
if anything just so i can dress her up with cute clothes and matching bows. 
cause i mean, boys are fun in the "let's play in dirt and spin in circles all day" kind of way. 
but they don't have as many cute accessories. 

but these adorable bows from Lil Blondie's Bowtique have just fed to my baby girl hungriness. 
look how cute these are! 

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Abby, the owner and creator of Lil Blondie's Bowtique, has a great eye for design.
she is so talented and i love seeing all the combinations and styles she comes up with.
each bow is so unique and she even makes custom designs!
so cute!!
{someone get me a baby girl, stat!}

check out her shop here
and follow Abby on Pinterest here

Abby is being very generous and is giving away a $20 shop credit to one lucky winner!
you can gets lots of cute bows for that price!


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:: and the winner of the Urbanwalls giveaway is.... Haley Housel! congrats! i will be emailing you soon :)


Kassi said...

How cute these are!!! My little miss on the way ;) would love adorable in these I'm sure!

Katie said...

holy adorable.