confidence & red heels

top: thrifted / skirt: Forever 21 long time ago, clearance / shoes: Target, clearance / necklace: Caroline G. {you can get this necklace for free today on the Caroline G. Facebook page}

i always walk by the shoes in Target just hoping they miraculously have some fabulous ones for just the right price. so when i saw these beauties for only $10, i shrieked a little and threw them in the cart. 
they are my favorite! 

and right when i bought them, the first thing i thought about wearing them with was this colorful, thrifted shirt. i know there's no red in it at all, but in my mind i just thought it would the perfect combination of bold colors. i mean, in my head, red goes with everything. :) 
maybe it doesn't really, but i like it. 
and you can pull off anything with enough confidence, right?

at least, that used to be my mantra. 
anytime i wore something crazy and someone would say to me, "oh i could never pull that off!" 
i would say back to them, "you can wear anything if you just rock it with confidence!"
the funny thing was, i really am not that confident at all. 
i just kind of buy into the whole Megan-is-just-eclectic thing that people think about me and go with it, thinking that if people already think that way then i can probably get away with weird combinations of colors and clothes. 

and maybe if i work backwards, pretending that i have the confidence, i will eventually feel more comfortable in my own skin. 

and if i'm truly faking-til-i-make-it, then i think i need more red in my wardrobe. :)

::: p.s. also, in some really exciting news, BlogHer featured my article on their FRONT page {sidebar} as one of their Editor's Picks under Family. i would be lying if i said i didn't get tears in my eyes... as lame as that may sound. i am just really incredibly honored! please go check it out when you get a chance :)

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Liv said...

Those shoes are a GREAT find. And congrats on the BlogHer feature!

Kylie said...

LOVE the colors. So fun.

Amberly said...

I like that, "You can wear anything if you wear it with confidence"!!!! I'm going to start saying that to myself anytime I put on an outfit that I don't think is that great!

And Congrats on the BlogHer feature, you definitely are deserving of it! :)

Gentri said...

Congratulations!! :D So happy for you. You deserve it.

LOOOVE this outfit... those shoes, I'm so jealous! :)You look beautiful.

Sam M said...

Congrats on being on the main page on BlogHer! That's awesome. I totally agree with you, red goes with anything.

Stacey said...

Our minds think alike...I'm always looking for a great deal on shoes at Target! Love your whole outfit- you look beautiful!

katilda said...

Those shoes! Gahhh! And super congrats on blogher, I love that!

Night Owler said...

One can never have enough shoes. and they go great with your outfit. It all looks great together.

Kendra Castillo said...

So cute! Those shoes are to die for ;)

Claire McKinnis said...

you are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are such a great find! Congrats on the BlogHer feature. Motherhood is definitely amazing. :)

Laura Side Street said...

Love this outfit - it's super cute and those shoes are amazing and add such a pop of colour as does the necklace. You look beautiful and great blog by the way. Just stopping over from the pleated poppy linky.

Laura x