May Group Giveaway

this month's group giveaway is pretty amazing and brought to you by some even more amazing ladies. they have all teamed together to offer over $140 worth of prizes today, all for one very lucky reader. 

i cannot thank them enough for their willingness to contribute and their hard work to put this all together. i hope you show them your appreciate as well by visiting their blogs and getting to know them. 

so without waiting any longer... on to the awesome giveaway!

$25 Target Gift Card from Diligent Joy 

Abby is one of the first people i met in this big, bad, blogging world. she is truly beautiful inside & out. and i love that she shares her beauty secrets on her blog, giving me hope that i can someday look hopefully one-eighth as good as she does! she has a Beauty Aisle series where she shares beauty products and beauty tips. 

since most of her favorite products come from Target, she is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Target to help you stock up on your summer beauty supplies! 

$50 Gift Card to Target, Forever 21, or Old Navy {winner's choice} from Fashion Flirtation 

i just recently started reading Victoria's blog and i am already totally drawn in with her great sense of style. and not just the kind of style that is impossible to ever attain in this life, but style that is for the every day woman from every day stores. i love seeing her outfits and drawing inspiration from them!

since we can use a shopping spree for our own personal style needs, Victoria is giving away a $50 gift card to either Target, Forever 21, or Old Navy {winner's choice}! you can go crazy on clothes and accessories to boost your personal wardrobe. :)

"All You Need Is Love" 5x7 print + Large Ad Space from Dreaming About Someday 

i met Aubrey actually at a playgroup/craft day in Utah and we connected right away! [she came to teach us a craft & was nice about how crazy Elijah was since i couldn't finish the project :)] she is as kind and as genuine as she comes across on her blog. i really do consider her a great friend, on and off blog. she has given me a lot of support when i needed it and i can't thank her enough for that! 

being the crafty superwoman that she is, Aubrey is giving away this "All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need" 5x7 print and a large ad space on her blog today. it would look good anywhere in your house and be a constant reminder to bring love i your home, something we always need more of. 

Medium Ad Space from All My Happy Endings 

Mandi's blog is right up there with one of my top inspirational reads. if you haven't read her blog, you are missing.out. she is incredible and writes beautifully about life and becoming your best self. she encourages to love more and choose happy. everything i need to hear. this is one of my favorite posts that i greatly recommend!  

Mandi is giving away one of her Just Right ad sizes today that includes an original group feature post and social media shout outs. i think Mandi would be a wonderful person to work with and i'm sure you will love her too!

Large Ad Space from This Workman Life 

i am a big fan of Dani and always have been! she is kind, honest, supportive, genuine, and so much more. i am so glad i have been able to get to know her and become good friends with her. she has been a wonderful friend and huge blessing to me! she is absolutely someone you should get to know better. 

today Dani is giving away a large ad space on her blog. i have sponsored her blog before and she really is a great one to sponsor and takes the time to support you. i really appreciated it!

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$50 Gift Card to J. Crew or Nordstrom {winner's choice} from A Beautiful Heart 
Ainslee is basically the best dressed college student i have ever seen. i wish i looked that good when i was taking classes. i also wish she was my roommate in college so i could steal all her amazing clothes! and not only is she best dressed, she also gives great tips on how to get a hot look for less. just what i need. and if that wasn't great enough, she also has a really cute shop where she makes beautiful jewelry that i'm just dying to get my hands on!

today, Ainslee is giving away a $50 gift card to either J. Crew or Nordstrom {winner's choice}. she finds the cutest clothes there! so she's spreading the cute outfit cheer with one of these awesome gift cards. :)

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remember, one winner will take home all these prizes! :) 
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Liv said...

This is great, thanks!

Naazju said...

The girl in the pic for Fashion Flirtation looks SO MUCH like you, Megan!

Unknown said...

What an fun giveaway! :)