NewTrent Chargepak Giveaway

[some of my bag essentials including my New Trent External Battery Pack , Gnarly Whale lip balm, and Firmoo sunglasses]

i am notorious for leaving the house with my phone almost dead. i cannot even tell you how many times my phone has completely died on my way home or i'm barely running on fumes. 
and for someone who in on their phone a lot it's pretty much the worst when it dies {or close to it}.

and it's frustrating for Adam too.
especially when i'm gone for meetings late into the night and he's waiting up for me and he can't get a hold of me because i was the idiot who forgot to charge her phone before leaving, he starts getting really anxious that something might've happened to me and he has no way of knowing.
not a fun situation to be in.

in fact, just last weekend while i was at the Arizona Blogger Conference in Phoenix my phone was on it's last 4% of battery life and the night had just begun.
something about GPS and listening to iTunes burns out your battery?
i was totally stressing out at first realizing that i am not going to have a phone the rest of the night when i remembered that i have a secret weapon in my bag.
that secret weapon?
the New Trent NT600C ChargePak !

guys. this thing is awesome!!! 
it has been such a HUGE lifesaver on more than one occasion.
it is small enough to keep in my purse at all times but powerful enough to charge my phone quickly and efficiently while out and about.

the New Trent ChargePak is an external battery to charge your mobile devices on the go.
it has a built-in AV wall charger as well so you can charge your devices through a wall outlet as well as dual USB charge ports plus a third built-in micro-USB charge cable so you can charge 3 devices at once. this is perfect for me and Adam so we can both use it if we need to.

i really do love my mobile charger and have used it many many times in just a short period.
not only is it quick to charge my phone but it also keeps the charge for a long time. so i'm able to use it throughout the day, not just in short increments.  

you can use theNew Trent NT600C ChargePak on smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, digital cameras, and more. so that means that pretty much everyone can benefit from having this little portable charger in their pocket.

you can find more information about NewTrent products on their website
and also following them on Twitter and on Facebook.
and i definitely recommend signing up for their newsletter {at the bottom of their website} so you can stay in the know for the latest discounts & promotions.

today, NewTrent is generously giving away one of their NT600C ChargePaks to a lucky winner.
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::: and the winner of the Journal 10 giveaway is.... Jill Reed!! Congratulations Jill! i will be contacting you shortly :) 


Naazju said...

I have an LG dumb-phone that I'll get to upgrade in two months. But I also use an iPod like CRAZY and am constantly sad when it dies in the middle of long road trips!

cc said...

my mp3 player the most all the time outside in the car everywhere

Breenah said...

My digital camera and my husband's Samsung smartphone need charging the most.

Victoria said...

iphone, definitely!

Amber Nicole said...

this is an awesome giveaway!! i have an iphone!

Unknown said...

I have an iPhone and an Android Tablet!

katilda said...

I need/want this charger in suuuuch a big way! And I use my iPhone 4. I used to have an iPad but I won it for free and therefore sold it so I could go on a trip to Portland and Seattle. I didn't need two mobile devices, you know? No regrets.

Stacie S-H said...

I use my ipod touch and cell phone the most!

Anonymous said...

I use my Motorola Atrix 2, my iPod, and my iPad ...mostlly iPad!

Cathy said...

This looks like something I'd love for my iPhone on the go!

Anonymous said...

My iPod always needs charging on the go! Great giveaway!

Stephanie Ann said...

i have an iphone 5 and love it!