this guy.

this guy just finished his first year of dental school.
and not just finished, but excelled.
{top of the class what, WHAATT!!!}

this guy just got through one of the hardest years of our little family's life.
and not just got through it, but came out more confident than ever.

this guy just studied is BUTT off this year.
and not just studied, but continued to help and make time for others (classmates, church members, family) even when he was overwhelmed with hard exams.

this guy was constantly there for his crazy family on top of crazy studying.
and not just there for us, but pulling us {me} through when it felt like everything was crumbling down.

this guy fulfilled so many additional duties & callings outside of school this past year.
and not just fulfilled them, but went far above and beyond what was needed.

this guy continues to be one of the hardest & dedicated workers i have known.
and he continues to impress me more every day that we are together.

i could not be more proud of Adam and all that he has accomplished.
i could not be more happy to go through life with him, with my perfect match.

this last year really was hard.
hard. hard. hard.
but looking back i realize that even though there were some tough emotions & difficult circumstances to go through, none of that matters much anymore.
because we are here now. together.
and we made it! 

Adam, you rock my proverbial socks off!
you are amazing, in every sense of the word.

here's to 3+ more years of school!!! 
yaaaaayyy...... :/

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Della Marie said...

Congratulations!!! That's fantastic. Congratulations Adam! My husband just completed his first year of PA school...the hardest thing we've ever done together. While it's a huge accomplishment for our husbands, it is also a great accomplishment for us! So great job Megan! If you could make it through this one, then surely you'll make it through the rest!

Unknown said...

Yay Adam (& you and Elijah)! Hope the next three years fly by. I can hardly wait for Jason to be done with his undergrad!!! Can't imagine having to go through dental school as well!

holli h. said...

when whit and chad were up here, they were telling us what a major over-achiever adam is, and how he's kicking dental school's butt! way to go, adam! sounds like he was destined to be a legend-status dentist :)

Unknown said...

Congrats!! That's so awesome that he finished top of his class!

Amber Marie said...

congrads Adam! you are pretty awesome.

Housel said...

Awh Y'all are so cute:D

Samantha said...

Congrats to both of you! That sounds like a busy life - what an accomplishment!

I'm a newer follower - look forward to reading more :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Adam!!!

I know being the wife of a grad student is really hard. Good job to you too! :D

Ashley said...

That is so fantastic! Yeah!

Nicole said...

it will go by faster than you think! when my husband finished his first year of pharmacy school i couldn't believe how slow it went! now he just finished his third year and i can't believe that in one year he will be graduated! hang in there!