i missed this boy so so much this week!!!
you bet i had some hard nights not being able to kiss his sweet, chubby cheeks before bed.
oh this boy of mine...
love this funny kid!

i wanted to share with you some more Elijah-isms that always get me smiling

Elijah knows the whole Latter-day Prophets song and can even point to all 16 prophets' pictures and tell you their names. i'm really really proud of this accomplishment {since we worked hard on it:)}! seriously, he's so smart! 

anytime something is too high, like the moon, he will say,
"oh Mom, i reach it? i can reach it if i fwy. i fwy up dere and touch it."
i'm a little nervous that this will eventually lead him into trying to fly off the roof or something....

he's actually starting singing a lot more which is just the best thing ever.
to hear him try to say all the words to his favorite primary songs or TV shows is just about the cutest thing you ever did hear. and he's good at it!
i love this more if i tried.

we had to go to the doctor and he kept telling me how excited he was about it.
"we see da doctor mom? like Doc Stuffins? check my ears & eyes? oh i so ess-ited!!"
the staff of course thought he was the cutest.
but i was just happy that it didn't end in a total meltdown like it usually does.

Elijah loooooooves any little kid and can see them coming from a mile away.
anytime we are around kids, whether it be in a store or at church, he becomes the BIGGEST ham ever trying to impress them. it's a little out of control. he shows off so bad.
it would be cuter if he wasn't so loud & obsessed about getting their attention.
it's the worst when he's around little girls... so it's already starting. ;)

that boy keeps us on our toes for sure!! 


Unknown said...

aw, he is a cutie!

(sent from MessyDirtyHair)

Amberly said...

Seriously, he makes me want a little boy of my own!

Unknown said...

These are so sweet! I bet you're going to love that you posted these little things when you look back in a few years.

perfumehk said...

So Cute, lovely post.
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Leyla Wright said...

so adorable!!
Leyla xx

Hannah Alexis said...

Hi Megan!

Here from Messy Dirty Hair! You and your family are too precious! I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more.