positively radiant {Radiant with AVEENO}

when i think of "radiance" i think of being bright & cheerful, 
someone who exudes happiness. 

happiness has been my focus this year and i have been working hard to be more "radiant" in my own life. but being a mom to a toddler wears.me.out.
and most days i feel anything but radiant. 

when i'm exhausted or feeling down, taking care of myself is basically the first thing to go.
i don't spend nearly enough time on the simple things that in all honesty, would make me feel better & more human and less like a rodeo wrangler. 

and as Adam always tells me, my face shows my emotions too easily.
i can't hide it when i'm having a bad day.
and it's especially hard to hide it when my skin isn't looking as vibrant & healthy as it could. 

so i was really excited to try out AVEENO's Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream.
i had high hopes for it to be a fountain of youth type of situation.
and think it's very much living up to that expectation. 

just a little bit of this baby at night and my skin is wonderfully soft & glowing in the morning.
and by little bit, i mean a little bit. a tiny amount goes a long way which means this little jar will last a long time.

i love that my beauty regimen is simplified with this night cream. instead of a huge long process at night, {which i avoid at all costs especially when i'm too tired to function} it's just a quick rub on the face after washing and i'm ready for bed. it moisturizes and brightens my dull skin, making it look much healthier and me looking less like a zombie.

and unlike other moisturizers that make me feel greasy or seem to just stay on top of my skin, the AVEENO night cream quickly absorbs into my skin and it feels light & fresh on my face, no greasy residue.

i really have noticed a difference in just a short amount of time. and i couldn't be happier.
my pores seem smaller, my skin is tighter, and i feel like i have this healthy glow that i've never had before, not even when i was pregnant {breakout city!!}.

and i know that by taking care of my body & skin helps me feel better about myself.
not only does my skin seem more radiant, but my emotions are starting to match as well.
so i'm radiant inside & out.

i received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. after trying many many different skin products, i really do love this cream and have seen a big difference!


Liv said...

I love Aveeno products! I'm glad you got to try it out.

katilda said...

I feel like the pores on my cheeks have become grand canyons lately (I swear I had a huge hormonal shift in my mid-20s and I'm like "hey I thought I had my body figured out and now it has new tricks") so I'm totally intrigued by this. I know you said it doesn't make your face greasy, but is your face usually more dry or greasy to begin with? I find that my greasier areas get really mad when I use...any...product on them.

Unknown said...

YAY! Think I might have to try this soon! xoxo

Amanda said...

I love Aveeno! I used their positively radiant daily moisturizer, and I am totally in love with it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try it!!