as i've thought a lot about this last year and think about what 2013 will bring, i have been trying to decide what i need to focus on most this year. looking over how crazy, fun, yet stressful 2012 was, i realized that it took me having to look back at the memories to remember how worthwhile the events were instead of actually enjoying the happiness in that moment.

i know i can be one to maybe exaggerate or glamorize things when i look back on them {as Adam likes to point out once and a while ;)} but sometimes going through tough experiences it can be hard for me to think of the positives, to remember that this one bad day doesn't dictate my overall, true happiness.

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so, this year i'm focusing on {HAPPY}

i want to make happiness a habit.
i want others who are around me to feel uplifted.
i want my husband to be happy because he sees & feels my own happiness.
i want my son to grow up knowing that his mom is happy, teaching him happiness in return.
i want my relationships with my husband, son, family, & friends to strengthen because i'm focusing more on being happy than on being negative.

2013 is the year of:
happy mama 
happy wife 
happy friend 
happy life.


The Dayleys said...

i think this is such a wonderful thing to focus on. being more happy made it onto my 2013 list too. everyone could use more happiness and i know my hubby would love to have me be more consistently happy.

Amber Marie said...

It's more fun to be happy us what I remind myself.

Aubrey said...

my word (which i'm about to blog about right now) for this year is FUN. i want to have fun doing whatever i am doing so that overall i can be happy. i know i will love life so much more if i can just enjoy it and stop worrying so much.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

You should read the Happiness Project- so good! After reading it, I also decided it would be what I focused on this year.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post. Very inspiring. Here's to happness and that gorgeous little guy of yours. He is prescious and love how he says, I woke up....so many times through the day...how cute!

Irish Carter

Katie said...

Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? You totally should. It helps you think about the things that will really make you happy and tackle them through small, manageable tasks. It's definitely worth checking out!