DownEast SanTan Mixer

Megan modeling this lovely & comfortable furry chair :)
last night i had the opportunity to go the DownEast Home & Clothing Store grand opening in the SanTan Shopping Center in Gilbert
a HUGE thank you to Megan of Shaping Up To Be a Mom who invited me to go. 
it was so fun to be able to get out of the house and have a girls night with some local bloggers. 
[which i didn't even realize there were so many close by me so that was really exciting too!] 

the DownEast Home & Clothing Store has lots of amazing designer clothes and home decor items at a fraction of the cost in retail stores, some even up to 80-90% off.
so for a person who gets a huge rush out of discount shopping and finding the best deals, this place is basically my heaven.

some highlights of the night include: 
+ awesome swag bags 
+ teaching a professional photography how to use my camera that i don't even know how to use (as you can tell by the semi-blurry pictures)
+ winning a shirt 
+ asking a worker to undress a mannequin twice (two different outfits) to try on the skirts 
+ accidentally calling Megan's little girl a boy
+ meeting new bloggers in the area 
+ trying to mingle with said bloggers but always saying dumb stuff...

so basically the moral of the story:
i'm a seriously awkward person!! 
but i still had a ton of fun! 

thank you to DownEast for hosting the mixer! 
it was a much needed night out for this mama :)

the SanTan Shopping Center DownEast is having a huge contest to celebrate their grand opening! 
you can enter to win a $200 shopping spree plus four $50 gift cards for four of your friend. 
(the winner doesn't have to be present at time of drawing)
so if you are local, you should definitely get on down to the SanTan DownEast to enter! 


Kelsey Eaton said...

I am the same way. I am so awkward when I meet people for the first time. I'm a mix between shy and hyper and awkward and weird. It's just strange let me tell ya haha!

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Megan Tenney said...

She was so not awkward! We spent two hours in the car together chatting about blogs and life, and it was great. Also, I need to change the photo on my phone, because everyone thinks Vanessa is a boy in that photo! ;)

Francesca said...

We used to live by that mall but now are in Phoenix. Next time I go down to Gilbert I'll have to check out that store!

Kassi said...

So jealous! Must move closer someday... ;)

. said...

I was there that day!
Looks like I just missed you!

I loved all their vintage furniture!

xoxo sarah