2012, you were a pretty good one!

i can't believe it's 2013 already! 

i feel like we are still near the beginning of 2012 and this year just flew by faster than normal. i'm sure everyone feels that way and i'm sure that's how it feels like at the start of each new year. but for some reason this year feels even more like a big blur than other years. it's weird to look back through the months and see all the things we have done and accomplished this last year! 

and especially how much i feel like i have grown. 

looking back through old posts, it made me so grateful for this little blog so that i have a record of my thoughts, feelings, and the events that impacted my life. i'm not good at writing down in a physical journal so i'm even more thankful that i have this blog to document my life. 

so if you can bear with me, i wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts/events from 2012.

i started the year realizing i needed to prioritize my life better and lower the bar of what was so-called "perfection."{that resolution didn't last long, honestly}

in February, i celebrated National Marriage Week and wrote about taking responsibility for our actions in our relationships.  i was also featured in Leslie Blake magazine [which was amazing!]. and later wrote about trying to teach myself how to NOT feel guilty about everything.

i tried to get back into a better routine in March to help my days go smoother {and happier} and tried to cherish those exquisite {rare} moments throughout the day to help me find joy. [and i was published again]

April proved to be a busy month with Easter, Elijah's 2nd birthday, going to the FUN concert [life-changing!!], fiiiiinally finishing my 30x30x(under)$30 challenge, AND Adam graduating with his Master's. but my favorite part of the month {as it is with every month} is just spending time with my little Eli and feeling my love grow exponentially.

we celebrated 3 years of marriage in May {happy happy!} and then went to San Diego for Adam's research conference. i learned some very amazing lessons from Women's Conference about the importance of motherhood and cultivating positivity in motherhood. i also remembered one of the most helpful tools that helps me get through the tough days: the 80/20 rule. and how we should make sure we keep ourselves in check and be our best selves to those who we are closest with. and the month rounds off with the best weekend ever at Breathing Spaces Retreat!

in June, Adam turned 26 and taught me how much happier we can be when we are quick to forgive in our relationships. Elijah also developed his own language while i learned the beauty of taking "mommy time-outs."

i turned the big 2-4 in July and we announced we were moving to Arizona for Adam to go to dental school. Elijah had the time of his life at the zoo with my parents and his cousins annnnnnnd we had a total freak out moment where he was lost.

we moved to Arizona in August and it proved to be pretty difficult at first... i also chopped my hair off and donated it to Pantene Pro-V's Beautiful Lengths program. and i got my crafty pants on and recovered our dining room chairs {which was a total new feat for me}. i finished the month by talking about how dumb rules are.

in September, i shared the story of the sweet little boy who totally blessed my life at the health clinic. and as Adam and i worked hard to start our life in Arizona together, i felt closer to him than ever. i used the anniversary of 9/11 to remember to cherish all those small, beautiful moments in motherhood. and Elijah fell in love with my childhood (and my mom's childhood) rocking horse.

in October i talked about picking your battles in marriage and what i do when i start to feel myself struggling with being happy. we enjoyed the beautiful {warm} weather in AZ and i shared our family secret. October also proved to be an even harder month with the passing of my grandmother but was able to grow more by reflecting on her legacy.

i shared what we {learned} from Halloween in November along with some yummy recipes [lots of sugar!] and fun, easy crafts. we also went to the state fair and had Adam's white coat ceremony. Elijah taught me {again} about true.love, i told how we chose our new home {and the following blessings}, i posted our family pictures, and launched my very first Holiday Gift Guide. and we rounded out the month with a good story about Elijah's first emergency room visit

December rounded off the year with a little perspective, a Christmas list for a toddler, our Christmas letter, and a fun Instagram magnets tutorial. i also shared some things that comforted me after hearing about the tragedy in Connecticut. 


sometimes it feels like we hardly did anything in 2012 but then reading through these old posts helps me remember that we had a lot of fun, crazy, happy, trying, and loving times. 

i'm excited for what 2013 has in store. 
i'm ready for more adventures, more growth, and more happiness! 



:: ashley :: said...

happy 2013 to your cute fam, i miss you!!

Gentri said...

Happy New Year! It looks like you had a great year! Aaa breathing space. Best weekend!

sarah said...

Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic year! Hope this year is even better! Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

You have had a beautiful year! Thank you for sharing =]

Unknown said...

SO great to see how far your family has come, and all your accomplishments for the year!

SO crazy that you guys are at the Dental School in Arizona, my hubby is putting his deposit down for this upcoming year TOMORROW - looks like we will be neighbors soon! CRAZY!!


Pixel Perfect said...

What a precious family you have. Thank you for linking up!

Unknown said...

In LOVE with your family holiday photo!


Unknown said...

Yep, it was a busy year for you! No wonder it flew by! Happy 2013!!!

Tif said...

Amazing year for you! Great post! Just got back from my trip...finally able to hop around from the 2012 year in review link up! Thanks for linking up with us! I'm a Happy New Follower!

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