exquisite moments

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Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Everyday, you should have at least one exquisite moment.
-Sally Karioth

when Tahnie emailed this quote i knew instantly it was specifically chosen just for me.
something i’ve struggled with quite a bit lately is living in the present.
i frequently find myself saying,
“when we move then i’ll…”
“when we have more money then we can…”
“i will be more at peace when this happen…”
“i can finally be happy when…”

i seem to forget often that my life starts now
not years down the road when we’re finished with school or settle into a new town or have a house of our own {with a backyard!} or are able to afford family vacations or whatever!
those things aren’t what constitutes worthwhile living.
we can still have exquisite moments regardless of our circumstances. 

this year, one of my resolutions was to find happiness in the simple things and to learn how to be truly happy with my life.
i compare too often. i tell myself i’m not good enough because i don’t have XYZ like so and so have.
so i have tried really hard to find JOY in the everyday.

obviously some days are going to be easier than others to find positive moments
{like when Eli doesn’t go to bed till 5:30AM!!!!}
but i know it’s still possible.

simple things like Elijah is being especially cuddly that day
or he learned a new word {gotcha!!}
or i bought a new, amazing smelling candle
or i received a really kind email from a friend/reader
or i put out some new spring decorations
or our apartment actually stayed clean by the end of the day
or there is a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family
or me and Elijah had a killer dance party to Party Rock.

these are little things that made me happy just from this last weekend!

life is hard. there is no denying that.
there are days where i feel utterly, emotionally & physically exhausted.
there are days where i feel completely alone & inadequate.
but even in the worst of times, there are always blessings to count & be thankful for.

make each day count
and fill your life with exquisite moments to last you through the trials that may come your way.
your life begins now!

{and i wanted to give a huge shout out to those who helped me out on Facebook! thank you for inspiring me!!}

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LoveFeast Table said...

Oh mama! What a good word and a great reminder to live in the present. You are so right. It's easy to start looking down at all the tough pieces of our lives, but if we start looking up at the blessings...it gives us such a different perspective.
Thank you for linking up and joining us at the table!
~Chris Ann & Kristin

:: ashley :: said...

its so true, i fall into the same ruts where i wait for the future to make me happier- but we really do need to focus on what we have now- and count our blessings in every moment. loved this post- i totally relate, THANK YOU!

Samantha said...

Love this blog and such great thoughts.

Thanks for posting!

Me said...

So true! Thank you for reminding me this on a day like today.

By the way, my name is Meagan (meegan) - thought that was kinda cool!

Amy said...

Great post! I'm a new follower from the blog hop. If you have a minute, I would love for you to check out my blog! :-) www.punkprincesscreations.blogspot.com

Brittany T. said...

what a beautiful post megan! i love that quote that tahnie shared! i can totally relate because i am and have been trying to be more mindful and w/that thankful :)

you are beautiful!


ahappygirl said...

gorgeous gorgeous girl! i absolutely love it and what you took from it. i'm so glad it could be a lesson to you!


boyishchic said...

Love that top quote.
xx. Jillian

Nicole said...

<3 the top quote (: and I also love your positive-ness!!