out of commission


me and this cute little chunker are feeling really sick today.
actually, Eli is feeling better, mommy is feeling worse.

Elijah was sick alllll day yesterday throwing up {it was dis.gus.ting!!}
and now i’m starting to feel queasy.
i don’t know if it’s from the leftover smells of the dirty bed sheets {tmi??} or if the bug has passed over to me. but either way, we are taking it easy today and watching lots of Super Why and drinking lots of Gatorade.

so since this post is pretty disgusting telling you those details & i am pretty much at a loss to say anything else,
be sure to check out my guest post over at Royal Daughter Designs 
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and don’t forget about the giveaway from Somewhere Over the Rainbow!! tomorrow is the last day to enter so be sure you enter ASAP!

hope you are enjoying the lovely spring weather!!
have a picnic for us :)


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I hope yall start feeling better soon!

boyishchic said...

Feel better beautifuls!! <3
xx. Jillian

Mel said...

Oh no! sorry to hear the little one is sick...Hope you didn't catch it and you feel better already! I just got over cold....I really really loath being sick.

Hope you feel better (already) soon!


Ruthie Hart said...

bleh Megan I am so sorry your sick! Praying for a quick recovery for you and the "chunker" (LOVE that!)

Emma Frances said...

No fun! I hope that you both feel better soon! I hope Elijah is taking good care of you since he is feeling a little better. ;) And these pictures are so cute! I just want to squeeze his adorable cheeks!! Haha.

Unknown said...

OH yuck! Sending feel better wishes your way!!!

Danny Heyen said...

Gross! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Feel better, sweetie!