30x30 under $30: day 18 + 11 things

warning. this may be the longest post ever.

day 18
[shirt: Shade sale, $8; pants [i switched them out for my other ones because they had holes in them]: Banana Republic, thrifted $6; shoes: Target clearance, $8; necklace: c/o After Nine to Five shop; belt: hand-me-down from my sister that she got when we lived in Poland]

so, i have been tagged for the 11 questions game like 5 times.
[Chrissy, Jessi, Tabitha, Breezy, Kylee]
am i missing anyone? 
and if you actually checked the posts, some were from way back in December!

hi. i’m the best blogging friend ever…

after the 4th and 5th tags i realized i should probably stop being such a lazy bum and participate.
and since i never know what to say with these 30x30 under $30 outfit posts anyways it was perfect timing.

[and soon i’m just going to share all the rest of the pictures at once… this is getting too long. which is my fault.]

okay so here are 11 random facts about me.

1. i got stitches on my lip when i was younger after getting hit in the face by a swing by my cousin. but i had given him stitched twice i am told so i guess it was payback.

2. i HATE HATE HATE the feeling/sound/thought of cotton balls or tissue or paper towels or anything rubbing on my nails or teeth. just thinking about it gives me goosebumps and makes me want to run away!

3. i was voted “Everyone’s Best Friend” in high school in Illinois
{i grew up in Mesa, AZ and in the middle of high school moved to Sycamore, Illinois}

4. one year my friend Courtney and i went to Punxsutawney, PA to celebrate Groundhog’s Day. it was quite the experience let me tell you!!

5. my top 5 favorite bands are Jimmy Eat World, Mae, Copeland, The Format {now FUN.}, and Dear and the Headlights. and i got to meet 4 out of 5 of them and Mae 3 times. i was basically like a freaking out groupie girl when i got to talk to them.

6. once i start reading a good book i can’t stop. i will literally stay up all night reading it until i finish. my average time to read books is 2-3 days. same with watching television show seasons. it drives Adam nuts! for this reason alone i haven’t started the Hunger Games because i know it will consume my time and i won’t get anything done [or Elijah will go neglected] but i really should just get it done right? i need to read it!

7. i have never had long hair before. this is the longest it’s ever been [and it’s not that long!]. i always get to the point where it’s by my shoulders and chop it off. the fact that we don’t have a lot of extra money has forced me to keep growing it out but it’s starting to drive me nuts…. what do you do with long hair??

{i’m running out of random facts!!}

8. i lived in Poland for a year when i was 5 years old. i remember really random things about our time there but don’t remember some of the big things we did. weird.

9. like i said, i moved to Sycamore in the middle of my junior year in high school. it was one of the hardest things i have ever done for so many reasons! but i know that it made me who i am and i am grateful for that. and now i really do miss it and all my friends!!

10. i am missing 4 teeth. my jaw is really small and when i was younger i had really crazy crooked teeth. the dentist realized i didn’t have enough room for all my teeth as they came in which was partly why they were so crooked. so they pulled 4 of my permanent teeth, my bicuspids, to make room for more teeth. kind of a gross random fact i guess… ha!

11. and…i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own an old bookstore and cafe some day. it’s one of my many dreams. 

and those are my random facts!

since i got tagged a few times, i didn’t know how to choose which questions to answer so i just chose to do the most recent ones which is Kylee.
so here are her questions and my answers.

1.  Favorite feature about yourself.
my eyes! and i’m so happy i passed them on to Elijah. is that conceited to say??

2.  One thing you want more than anything.
to always be happy and feel love in my life.

3.  One thing that scares you about your  future.
Elijah growing up… especially with the world becoming such a horrible, terrible, disgusting place. i can’t watch the news anymore because of all the awful stories. i wish i could just lock him up forever and protect him!

4. Biggest phobia?
snakes!!! and getting stuck at the top of a carnival ride. seriously i have cried many times on those things.

5.  Most exciting thing you have ever done?
i can’t think of many exciting things i have done but i think having a baby would rank pretty high up there!

6.  Biggest accomplishment?
graduating from BYU with a baby and becoming a writer for the Stronger Marriage blog. and again having a baby, ha!

7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
misspelling! i mean i know i’m not perfect, but when people mix up loose and lose, breathe and breath, they’re and their and there…. bugs.the.crap.out.of.me!!! seriously. again i know i’m not perfect and i’m sorry if i offend anyone! that’s just my biggest pet peeve, ha.

8.  If you could be anything in the world when you grow up, what would it be?
i really want to be a writer and be able to write articles for women and families. i have always wanted to write for a magazine and still be able to have a family. and i hope i’m on my way there!!

9.  Would you rather have no eyebrows or no eyelashes?
i think no eyebrows… i HATE my eyebrows but love my eyelashes so i wouldn’t mind seeing the bushes above my eyes go. i can always pencil them in right?

10.  Cookies or ice cream?
both together?? haha. if i had to pick one though probably ice cream. i could eat that forever.

11.  What's one thing you want to do before you die?
TRAVEL! {i’m pretty sure that’s what everyone says} but i really want to go explore things with Adam and travel the world. won’t be for a while though and that’s okay.


this is a long post.
now here are my questions:

1. would you rather live at Hogwarts, Narnia, or Middle Earth?
2. if you had a superpower, what would it be?
[yes, the first two questions DO prove i’m a nerd!]
3. what is your favorite book of all time?
4. which Oreo cookie is your favorite? (i.e. mint, birthday cake, double stuf, regular, etc.)
5. what is your favorite thing about where you live/are from?
6. what is your favorite holiday?
7. what is your biggest accomplishment? {i really liked that question}
8. if you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be?
9. favorite season?
10. what is your favorite childhood memory?
11. what makes you happy?

and i tag all of you!!
i know that’s against the rules but i would love to get to know all my readers better.
so in the comments or a blog post share your answers and send me the link. i’d love to read what you have to say! 


Unknown said...

Cutest outfit! Gosh, I just love your fashion finds, they are so great! And fun Q&A's! And I agree with the world, so scared to bring a baby up in this world!

holly & anthony said...

Meg you are so cute! I can just feel your fun personality coming out the screen! I think so many people can relate to you at least I know I can. Thanks for always having something interesting for me to read while I'm up with my baby!

MacGirl said...

I LOVE your hair! We have pretty similar hair and yours always looks so pretty! I don't normally do these but I've answered your questions:
1. would you rather live at Hogwarts, Narnia, or Middle Earth? I've only ever read HP so it'll have to be Hogwarts
2. if you had a superpower, what would it be? Easy, the power to help people, to soothe their worries and ease their pain.
3. what is your favorite book of all time? Jodi Picoult - My Sisters Keeper, makes me cry every time I read it!
4. which Oreo cookie is your favorite? (i.e. mint, birthday cake, double stuf, regular, etc.) - We only have the regular one over here but in Spain they have white chocolate covered ones, gorgeous!
5. what is your favorite thing about where you live/are from? - I love that I am in the middle of an urban area but all we can see from our house is fields and the garden is always full of birds.
6. what is your favorite holiday? - In the UK we have two bank holidays in May, one at the beginning and one at the end, I love them!
7. what is your biggest accomplishment? {i really liked that question} - Winning a national award for dedication o volunteering, I was awarded it the day before I graduated from uni then I won another award when I graduated, it was a great couple of days.
8. if you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be? - what I'm doing now!
9. favorite season? - Spring/Autumn
10. what is your favorite childhood memory? - Summers in the park with a punnet of strawberries and catching toddlers in the stream
11. what makes you happy? - my family and friends.


Alexis Kaye said...

hahaha i'm way behind! I just tagged you in this today!!

:: ashley :: said...

you are so cute! seriously! i am glad i found your blog- now lets get this lunch date planned asap! tweet me!

Kylee said...

LOVE Jimmy and the Format, well fun. AAAnd can you tell that makes us from Arizona? :) Great music. Glad you decided to do this! And congrats on getting your article published. AWESOME!