haircut = goodbye babyhood, hello toddler!

this post was written a little while ago but i kept forgetting to post it.
i found it in my stack and got all sentimental so i wanted to share it!
{Eli looks much bigger now if that’s even possible!}


IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1732
the Elijah-man got a haircut a few weeks ago.
it’s not his first one but i almost feel like it is more significant than the first since he had a lot more hair than before.

now all his precious baby curls and wings are gone
{which i had been waiting for forever! he was a very bald baby}
and they are replaced with the hair of some kind of older, toddler boy.

he looks so grown-up and big now
and it kind of breaks my heart.

me and Adam find ourselves looking through old baby pictures quite frequently and saying,
“look how chubby he was!”
“oh my gosh he was SO bald!!”
{seriously he was}
“oh man i can’t believe his chunky thighs!”
“look how stinkin’ adorable our kid is!”

i’m not ready for this toddler phase
not that i was ready for the baby phase either
but it just seems like right when i was getting the hang of being a mom to a screaming infant,
now i have to learn how to be the mom to a screaming toddler.

and scream he does!

but is it weird that i still think he’s cute even when he’s crying like that?
cause i’m pretty sure he is!


Ruthie Hart said...

awwwwww he;s growing up! I love little boys and their cute little haircuts!

holli h. said...

i think he is screaming because he doesn't want to chop off his beautiful hair!

Anonymous said...

Awe! We find ourselves doing that with our daughter...wondering where all the time went. Our little people really are amazing and nothing short of an adventure :) We haven't gotten L's hair trimmed yet, but definitely need to soon. It'll be her first...weird.

Anyways, your little one is cute!

Courtney B said...

Awe! What a BIG boy (despite the screaming, ha ha) I can't believe how much he's grown since I met you in October! Crazy how fast time flies by!

Amanda Kristeen said...

Megan, I found your blog and it is so fun and cute. And knowing how I treasure every one of Deborah's little hairs on her nearly bald head, I totally understand. Beautiful family - congrats!

Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness he is so cute! Even with that little screaming face! I feel like children are always gonna be one step ahead of what we are ready for!

Amber Marie said...

cute pictures of eli. i didn't know his hair had gotten soo long! i especially like seeing a half-nekked AD in the background ;)

Unknown said...

i almost always get sentimental every time I cut Levi's hair. Levi was born with a head full of black thick hair, and he never completely lost it. His dark hair is always part of his look, and I love it when it grows out...but then he also looks like a shaggy dog! So I always feel sad when he needs a hair cut. and he screams and cries like he is dying every single time I cute his hair! :)

Rachel said...

that is so precious. I am going to bawl when we have to cut Luke's baby hairs. It doesn't quite seem the same. He does have a pretty gross mullet going on right now though!