Saturday Favorites {on a Monday}

day 24.3day 24.4
[top: Macy’s, gift; cardigan: Target clearance; jeans: F21 clearance; shoes: Target clearance]

zebra is my favorite.
purple & turquoise is my favorite.
so by default, this outfit is another one of my favorites or the 30x30 under $30 challenge.

also, fun fact about me {not that you care to know}: my retainer in high school was zebra print.
i know i’m cool like that.
[and disgusting like that to tell you that….?]

i had a meeting Saturday + we decided to do a little hiking/nature walking as a family so i didn’t get a chance to post my Saturday favorites [more on both of those things later].
but i really did have some links that i loved so i wanted to share them today instead!

so here’s my favorites from last week:

i loved Blog Positivity Week and hearing all the stories shared by so many women throughout the week. great idea from Ashley and i definitely think it should be a biannual or annual thing!
{i linked up with this post}

and going along with Blog Positivity Week, Megan from Absolute Mommy shared a really great post on keeping the blogging community classy!
and Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs also shared some wonderful posts throughout the week to link up with Blog Positivity Week as well!

this dove ring from MyRemedy Design is beautiful! i love how whimsical & fun it is!
put a {bird} on it and call it art.

Gentri has started a really fun weekly link-up called 7 Questions.
i kind of love random question/get-to-know-you games so i was really excited when she announced it! you should definitely link up with her each week & read her past questions!
{i linked up with this post}

Jenni has been sharing her trip to Paris with her parents and the hotel they stayed at! i’m determined to stay there now.

this is beautiful, beautiful post from Alisha! i got very misty-eyed reading it and definitely needed the reminder.

Kate from Cinnamon Ink never fails to blow my mind with her adorable prints!! please let me have a room decorated solely in her art!

i love this quote that Aleks got for the Gathered Thoughts link-up and reading her thoughts on it. really wonderful and encouraging!
{i linked up with this post. holy cow i linked up a lot this week!}


i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
come back for a giveaway later today!


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Tracy said...

loooove the zebra with the colors together!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i always think it's so sweet when you link my posts. glad you enjoyed :)

Ruthie Hart said...

eeeeeeek I love that sweater!! It is precious!

boyishchic said...

Thanks for the my Remedy feature, lovely! You look AMAZING (as always!). <3
xx. Jillian //

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for including me (and the wonderful people that participated!)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Unknown said...

Zebra is my favorite too! LOVE that outfit! Have a happy week!

memory said...

You look ah-mazing! So stylish. Come re-do my wardrobe! :D


Amanda said...

You're gorgeous!!! Love the outfit!

Thanks for the shout out - you're so sweet!

Gentri said...

THANK YOu for including me, Megan!! :D

Hollie Ann said...

love your shoes and sweater, megan!!