the adventures of E-rock

IMG_2462 [Elijah planking on the kitchen table]

i feel like it’s been a lot time since i’ve done a good update on the happenings of the E-man.
and he’s at such a fun crazy age that i really want to remember some of his eccentricities.

i have posted before about E’s quirks and they definitely have gotten more and more obscure as he’s gotten a little older.  so here’s some of the funny little things he’s done recently:

1. we usually close the doors to the back rooms since they aren’t baby proof {woes of living in a tiny apartment!} and now Elijah has to close every door before he starts his day. if the door gets stuck he will cry until you come help him.

2. he also has learned how to turn the door knobs too so it kind of negates the door closing…. but he still hardly goes back there unless you are in the room which i’m hoping lasts a little while longer until we move.

3. his new favorite thing is to look out the window, eat goldfish, and yell at people passing by. he’s the crazy kid in the window regularly.

Eli 1
[Elijah screaming at the people outside. another reason why children are like puppies!]

4. his favorite book is Green Eggs & Ham and he will respond right on cue to “Would you eat them in a car?” “NO!!!!!” it’s really the cutest thing in the world!

5. he says “thank you!” all the time and even reminds you to say thank you after he does something for you. and he’s very good about saying “pwease.” he’s extremely polite, that kid!

[he did this himself. it’s his favorite spot in the house]

6. he cries when his hands are dirty. i blame Adam for that one. he has ingrained in him that messes are bad. which i guess is a good thing… but seriously, what kid hates to be dirty?? Elijah that’s who!

7. he can say his ABCs but has to be reminded that I, O, and Y aren’t the only letters in the alphabet.

8. he can also point out I, O, and Y. they are his favorite letters obviously.

9. he loves Harry Potter! this is probably my crowning glory in parenthood. seriously, that couldn’t make me more proud!
 Eli 2[playing Harry Potter Scene It at a friend’s house. they babysat him yesterday and he kept trying to turn the game on and “watch” as he says.]

10. he cried when there was trash on the restaurant floor. and i say again, seriously, what kid hates messes?!?

11. his favorite show is Super Why and can name the characters & songs. i used to feel guilty about this that he watches it too much. but then the show really does teach him letters so i can’t really be mad anymore.

12. and wherever he is in the house, he has to dance to the Hip Hip Hooray song at the end of the show! it’s a requirement. he’s basically a dancing fiend still for any songs and we have dance parties daily!

IMG_2495[we had an indoor picnic for lunch and now it’s his favorite thing ever. he pulls the blanket out and will go grab some chips]

Elijah can totally drive me nuts sometimes.
and there’s days where i really question my ability to be a good & loving mother.

but it’s little moments and memories like these that make me really grateful for the happiness Eli brings into my life.
he is by far the cutest kid EVER! just hearing his little voice saw “pwease” will make your heart melt.
he’s my favorite little pal!! 
i love being his mother and being able to stay home with him each day!
i can’t imagine life any differently, honestly.
it’s too good!


Ruthie Hart said...

this is a cute post Megan, I love learning about little E man. My favorite was the fact that he yells at passerbys hahaha

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Aww..he is so cute!! Stopping by via the live laugh rowe blog hop. Your blog is awesome! Following via GFC. Hope to see you around soon! I'n off to check out your giveaways!!

Anonymous said...

The first picture of him on the table made me laugh!! hahah soo cute.

Not going to lie when I read that he eats Goldfish while yelling at people outside I put Goldfish on my grocery list. :)

Love when little kids use manners! Soooo sweet. Melts my heart everytime.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Ahhh how sweet!! It sounds like he is at such a good age - all his little things are ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at him planking ... SO CUTE.

Hannah Herman said...

Oh, how much do I love Super Why?!

It's perfect for when my Abby is driving me lunch, (timed perfectly for when I'm trying to make dinner and daddy isn't home yet)

And when she shouts out "B!" I instantly feel like an awesome mom.

Anonymous said...

AWW he is so adorable! :) Planking! Cracked me up so much!

Keetha Broyles said...

The planking picture is cracking me up - - - he's just so stinkin' cute.

Enjoy these moments, mom, 'cause in about 5 minutes he'll be headed off to college.

Oh, I KNOW others have probably already told you that - - - but it doesn't make it any less true.

holli h. said...

jacob says this is a cute post and so do i! we miss elijah!

Janine @ 3 Wishes said...

I am a new follower and wanted to say hello!

leean robinson said...

Loved getting caught up with our favorite Utah grandson. I think he is pretty awesome and cute too. Wish we lived closer to Elijah so we could know each other better. I think he has a pretty cute mother also.

Hollie Ann said...

hahahahahhaah the plank picture made my day.

Rachel said...

haha, I thought MY kid was the only one who shouted out the window to neighbors!